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  1. Woah must be serious in LC. There head been there a long time. Dont think they will remove him. He prob goes when he ready to go.
  2. Hard at Hickman? Compared to Richland.
  3. What's the word in raider town. No news coming out. Are they interviewing yet or promoting from with in.
  4. Richland let there coach go after only one year at the helm. What is going on over there. Are they finally gona completey do away with football and co op with Giles.
  5. Wrong. Lawrence county wins this region sorry boys.
  6. Ok. So Giles and Marshall will have more talent. No agreements there. Spring hill has that d1 quarterback. Tullahoma is dropping down from 5a to 4a they do have pretty good tradition over there and have some talent of there on. Lawrenceburg also drops down to 4a and just seems to win with less talent. So I'm saying Marshall Giles Lawrenceburg Spring hill Tullahoma Page
  7. Jones high school in Giles county. Located up lynnville closed in 1978 now it's richland high school.
  8. Lol. Nothing wrong with 1st loser there jd. Don't get all upset over a little trash talk. YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO TAKE IT. YOU HAVE NO PROBLEM GIVEN IT OUT.
  9. Beech by 2 scores. Shelby is sloppy and disorganized. Don't adjust well to wing.
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