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  1. Teli White DID NOT get busted by TSSAA. Your facts are wrong.
  2. If you would worry about tonite you got me but stop with all of the past hate
  3. I couldnt have said it better myself. I wonder why is Trezevant still getting hated on 2 years later
  4. Thanks good to know somebody has been on here taking up for us. Long time no hear from
  5. Dont let him persuade you with that mess Trezevant football program DID NOT get caught cheating.
  6. Trezevant didnt get clipped for cheating get your lies right.Fake News
  7. BigEdMo I have been off of here for 2 years and I see you are still salty and hating. Please stop spreading fake news on coacht. I get on to see what the talk is about the reclassification and I see you on here still hating. Thats not a good look.
  8. Let me correct you 2 time State Champion Trezevant in 2A and 2 time runner up in 4A. Put some respect on that name.
  9. Unfortunately they will have only parental and alumni support. It's a small school in a big district on the verge of being closed. Good luck to LC. There's nothing like traveling into another city to play some football and it's good for the state. Had never heard of Lake County but now you guys are one of the schools I can add to my list of good football programs across the state.
  10. Just getting to this game is a great accomplishment for the Vikings!!
  11. I visit my Grandfather's once a year in Veteran's Cementary in Memphis that's enough for little ole me.
  12. No my kids are definately not privilged first of all. Secondly those amendments you speak of I will take them to the graves of the people killed by police every year and read the amendments to them. My country is definately at fault for allowing it to happen.
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