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  1. Congrats to TC!!! One heck of a game!!! That was well worth the two and half hour drive!! Good Luck in Cookeville!!!
  2. No I’m not making excuses, nor was I personally attacking your team. Unfortunately I don’t have the type of mindset you’d like to think I have. I was expressing my respect for Martin Smith as an athlete. His heart makes him who he is. If you think for one second my attitude and thinking matches your unrivaled negativity. You sir are very wrong. I’m quite the opposite. I’m not mad nor am I upset. My friend Yeti was right when he said earlier in the thread there’s no real discussion here. I’ll not respond to anything else here. I understand it’s a complete and total waste of time. Good luck to your team. Maybe sometime you will learn there are some classy folks in the world that have a positive attitude toward their team, as well as their opponents.
  3. I hope the football is better than the grammar. Awfully defensive when the smack swaps ends. Seems Tiger2 struck a nerve.... Safes travels to the Meigs faithful this evening. Proud of our young men no matter the outcome. I hope Martin gets to play the best game of his life tonight. TC folks have no idea the trials this young man has faced in his life. This season has been plagued with injuries for him. I won’t say he’s the best but, he could make a big difference if he’s at a 100%. No prediction from me. I’ll be satisfied knowing Meigs gave their all no matter.
  4. Why would I think that would give them an edge? I was only responding to the comments about lack schedule strength. Actually it’s spelled M-E-I-G-S.....I didn’t ask nor did I say anything about Sequatchie. You said Meigs struggled with Marion. We did not play Marion. I have no idea what South Pitt wants. I live in Meigs County. One thing is for sure...I don’t recall ever playing a team that had the arrogance I’m witnessing in posts being made here. I know Meigs has a fan or two that’s made a few should I say uneducated posts. I’m not making excuses for the schedule. But, no matter the team. As an adult I will never publicly demean a team, coach, or a kid. I guess as a Meigs County resident and fan I have no right to assume our young men will show up Friday night and give their all. Come time for the trip home win or lose, blowout or not I’ll still be proud of the effort our young men have put forth. It’s called being humble and appreciative.
  5. I’m very confused here...When did Meigs play Marion County? I’ve attended every game I don’t recall that game Actually, Meigs has Greenback and South Pitt on next years schedule. But, please enlighten me on the Marion game we struggled with this year....
  6. Trollin, I’ve never ran across anyone that spews more ignorance than you. You’re all over the boards stirring up mess and running that jaw. It’s easy to hide behind a key board. Demeaning players, teams ,and their fans seems to make you feel somewhat manly I suppose. 1. Meigs players played the schedule they were given. 2. They have done what they had to do to get where they are. 3. Meigs fans are just happy to be where they are at this moment 23 years since a semi final game. 4. I have no idea what TC has. 5. I don’t really care what you think. Neither does anyone else. 6. Maybe Peabody will humble. You after this week. (However I’m sure that will never happen. ) 7. Grow up if you want to jaw and pick fights show up at a game and do it in person. (That’s most likely never going to happen. ) 8. No one has ever said Meigs was going to roll over TC. 9. I realize what Trolling is but, if you’re going to do it. Don’t get your little feelings hurt when someone smarts off to you. 10. Since you seem to be such a football guru. Why are you not on staff at ESPN? I’m sure you’d be a legend in your own mind. I could continue but, I’m tired of typing. After all it’s not going to change anything. You’ll reply with yet another toilet full of the ignorance that is Trollin.
  7. Meigs 21-0 at the half....SG showed up to play. Although, their trickery didn’t quite work on the first try. Maybe later in the game
  8. Someone needs a wet wipe and a few grammar lessons...
  9. I didn't realize that until I started thinking about it after I posted. I had a lapse in memory....I couldn't remember who all did start. Now that I think about I'm totally wrong. At any rate this Meigs team is looking pretty good.
  10. Just some info about Meigs. The QB started last year as a freshman. Yes some kids did transfer from Rhea. Rhea is just across the river. The 25 seniors had very little bearing on the team. As only handful of them started. Meigs has very good depth. The QB pretty impressive.
  11. Nope we have no merit or class in Decatur!! 🤔 Or so I've heard....
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