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  1. Rankin has a coaching tree with a bunch of branches. I wonder if any of his former coaches will get on here and verify your claims?
  2. So Trollin, his new OC hire is in title only? Cannot say I don't blames him for not relinquishing play calling duties. He is fully capable of handling that himself.
  3. @sportsguy22 seems to have it out for Coach Palmer as well.
  4. That is what I am trying to find out. It may not even be true. Boldin is a State Champion coach, not sure he even needs to give up play calling duties.
  5. Had this thought on the 3-4A thread. my apologies. Heard from a little Birdie that Coach Boldin has relinquished OC duties to a new guy. Anyone with information, please share.
  6. Is Cleveland within 30 miles of Murfreesboro?
  7. Have they not announced Renshaw yet?
  8. Not sure GPS could do much better than Wade at this point. Wade has always done a great job of putting himself in great situations. Not sure what that really means, but it is fact. Because of that, he has been in great programs both as an assistant and head coach. The question at this point, can he really coach or is he a product of great situations. He went winless at DCA in year 1 with inferior talent. The kids that stuck around and played this past season got to have a winning season. That says a lot in my mind. They were more experienced this season and they produced. DCA defense was pretty good this past season. They are old school on offense, but I like it. Pound the ball and play action.
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