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  1. And u being a dillisiusonal Tn Rush homer , York is not good, etc. etc.
  2. Dekalb and Coach Fish will be practicing softball come Sunday been a good run! !
  3. Embarrising, For Upperman to be sittin at the house and Dekalb representing 8aa is embarrising, nothing against Dekalb but against Upperman coaching I am out.
  4. Mcminn to state, Meigs will be practicing softball on Sunday.
  5. this is enbarrising, Dana lost her team ,Upperman. No need for this to be representing @8 AA ,embarrassment.
  6. Macon blowing out Dekalb ,Meigs trailing McMinn this could be an easy road for Meigs, Mcminn winner to state .
  7. for whatever its worth, Macon has 4 Jr and 2 soph in rotation. Uhs has 2 jr, 2 soph ,2 freshman in thiers for this season. Which is over for Uhs.
  8. Never know like the ole saying goes "rather be lucky than good anyday" luck is on your side up till today or Saturday anyways. good luck!
  9. I don't think McMinn can win at Macon ,Meigs could possibly win at Macon. I don't think Dekalb can win neither home or away sub state, just my opinion. I think Macon wins regional.
  10. Just wow, you do realize this probably was the worst Upperman "team" in the last 5 yrs.
  11. Scheduling is not easy, especially for the Upper Cumberland AAA schools. Hard to get Nashville ,Knoxville schools to venture this far when they have easier scheduling close by. Only thing you could do is do better research and get in tougher Christmas tournaments ,now that can be done. Scheduling is hard especially home and away agreements for rural Sparta and even Cookeville.
  12. yes ,I am sure York will want the championship at Crossville not far from Jamestown.
  13. omg,seriously goin to say reseed? is this a joke? I hope so. wow
  14. sounds like you are off to a good start, big win but I am not shocked, I knew Cchs was strugglin especially with Bledsoe score .(not takin anything away from Dekalb)Cannon would beat Bledsoe by 10. Will be a good test Monday night for all 4 8aa teams
  15. all of the above. It's not lack of coaching, It's lack of development, involvement and cycle of kids, No doubt Coach Brown and Coach Riddle can coach but "you can't take a mule, to the Ky derby".
  16. Macon shot probably over 70% in first half from 3 pt line, folks they probably couldn't play much better,Upperman probably could not play much worse and best player got in foul trouble early, and Upperman still cut the lead in 3rd qtr to single digits ,don't sleep on the Lady Bees just yet. and when u only get one chance against an opponent hard to game plan for ,Macon and Upperman know each other really good so don't think what Macon does against Upperman that everyone else can. just sayin
  17. agree, put back ups in including Macon, coaches loses thier players over this stuff ,if she ain't lost them already .
  18. Can Dekalb beat Cumberland County? I think they can if they don't try to run with em,play good help side defense ,hope Cchs is off shootin from outside and shoot like they are capable and key players, scorers don't get in foul trouble. Dishman will get her points. It will be a tough task for Dekalb.
  19. Watch the game, u r playin 4 on 5 ,when opposing team drives or shoots u have one sometimes two snow birding for easy points on other end. You can do that against lesser competition early in the year but once teams get seasoned it don't work so well.
  20. Upperman has no rythm, no direction, Macon shot lights out ,Macon is better coached more relaxed. Upperman should have learned something in 3rd qtr about what they need to do.
  21. Every year come tournament time officials get tighter and dont call as many touch fouls. They basically let them play a little more. Alot of teams,coaches,and fans rely on those calls for thier team to be competitive aka "free throws." When it don't happen and the point margin gap increases all heck breaks out.Good players are supposed to avoid contact with moves, head fakes, Jab steps ,step back jumpers, not head down bull in ring drives . Defense has a right for position too, moving or not moving, they can't just be bulled over.
  22. Flopping is gettin out of control in the girls game, kids hittin the floor acting jobs. Can refs call a foul on an offensive flopper ?
  23. freshman or not Upperman has some really good players and few picture perfect athletic kids. I seen them play couple times ,I see head down dribbling, no kickout to shooters after offensive penetration ,I see no passes to cutters across middle of a zone. I see forced layup blocks, point guard is supposed to make everyone better around them, I just did not see that last night,I see to much passing around the perimeter and kids scared to death to shoot or take control. eventually u have to have offense. It cost them at Macon from what I heard , I got some dry land in a holler in Clay county u interested in buy-in some? maybe coaches watched some film and will make some adjustments, just an unbiased observation.
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