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  1. Actually I feel very sure about the punt call, based on what the players who were right there saw. Also, one of the refs even called it OR ball before the other one reversed it. It's ironic because in a lot of games I feel like we are the ones that don't get the breaks. Maybe it just evened out some. I can say I don't think any were done deliberately wrong. It's just bang-bang situations.
  2. You're probably right. I was just looking to see if he was down. BTW, hope you are feeling better.
  3. Just a couple of observations....in the West game, there were 2 really bad calls each resulting in a TD for each team. The call for West that said the punt hit an OR player in the back was wrong, if you watch the film that the locker room had, plus the kids on the field who were right there said it was wrong. I think it hit #3 for West first. That resulted in a TD for West. Take away that TD for West and the other TD for OR at at the end of the game and OR still wins by 3. The bad call against SD was unfortunate, but honestly SD couldn't move the ball against OR all night long, so it may not have made any difference, and even if they had somehow scored then, OR still wins by a TD. I agree there were bad calls but they went both ways and I don't believe they would have changed the outcome of any of the games. Also, at Cookeville, every time we got momentum it was called back by yet another flag. The call at the 1 yard line, which you had to watch the replay to see, didn't change the outcome of the game, so what difference does it make? If your point is there are a lot of bad refs, I totally agree.
  4. To be fair, my grandson briefly spoke to #1 and a couple of others on the team and said they seemed pretty nice. Personally I found the fans to be obnoxious but maybe I’m just too old lol.
  5. I had heard the same thing, that they are known for being cocky and arrogant. I don’t know if they meant the players or fans though...or both. We have a team in our region like that also, but they lost early in playoffs.
  6. TY. I"m not so disappointed by the loss as knowing we could have played so much better, especially on defense. But I"m proud of these boys for the games they did win, and I want them to be proud of what they accomplished this year.
  7. I just said they had a bad game. My point is how low class a person is to run down another team.
  8. Classless remark. I could tell in the first minute that OR came out flat and weren't playing like normal. # 22 nearly had a TD to make it 21 -14. He can usually be counted on for that catch, but not tonight. They had a bad game. It happens. I guarantee if my team had won I wouldn't be on here running down the other team.
  9. Here comes your weather report....chance of rain at 8pm today down from 65% a day ago to 20% today. So I guess the boys were right...Coach Gaddis does control the weather!
  10. Oh, it's definitely supposed to rain in Cookeville, anywhere from 60% to 95% up till 4 pm. That's as far as the hourly forecast goes, so I don't know about the 7-10 pm time frame. Of course, I've been told that Gaddis controls the weather...I hope that's true! lol
  11. I really want Oak Ridge to win, but I'm worried about this game. I was also worried about the Powell game, the Soddy Daisy game, the Rhea County game, the West game, and South Doyle. These Wildcats are starting to make a believer out of me. Go Wildcats and Good Luck!
  12. Oh definitely! It just meant that the face mask call, whether right or wrong, didn’t make that much difference. To anyone, where can I watch a replay? I thought it would be on the prepradio but it’s not.
  13. Thanks to the defense, the first touchdown was enough to win the game.
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