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  1. Gonna be cold tomorrow night. I’m gonna have to pack some more feathers.
  2. Bobcat # 72 should bring this thing full circle wneely. He’s gonna be a great one.
  3. Lol. That was a great game in front of a packed house. Back in the cape wearing days. Hopefully no Egg laying Friday night. Although there have been a few hens clucking bout a future game that may never happen. Bobcats should stay focused on Loudon and enjoy the ride. Go Bobcats!
  4. I think Giles by 14+. Overall team speed will be a killer. Giles running game is great and the passing game is greatly improved and getting better. The defense is fast and swarms to the ball. Special teams have been great all year. But a penalty here and a mistake there it could be closer. Mistakes do happen. Heck my screen name was supposed to be Rooster. But bad eyes, fat fingers, and well a couple of Yuengling later and I’m stuck with Roostet.
  5. Johnson City Press has Loudon over Giles by 4.
  6. It’s a looong way to Loudon. I’ll have it eat at least four times on the way there. Both teams playing great. Bobcat defense has been playing lights out. Hope we have enough for a tough Loudon team.
  7. Dadx5 will you be in the stands Friday night?
  8. Let’s just hope Loudon has enough firepower to beat Alcoa.
  9. I’ll get it started. The boys have a 24 hour rule but I don’t. Giles County’s defense looked impressive throughout the game. The offense missed some big play opportunities early but handled their business. There were way to many penalties again. Some were phantom holds but we gotta control the ones we can.
  10. I wouldn’t say any team is garbage. They are all just kids who try hard. I am super excited about the game and hope we can pull it off. Go Bobcats!
  11. Good luck PC. Giles county is pulling for you.
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