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  1. Looks like we may need to pull out the Canopies like last year VS Stratford....probably gonna be a wet one! That’s was neat last year, stands were full of canopy tents....but we still showed up that’s the important thing
  2. I’ve definitely got a few more gray hairs after this one. The first kickoff I gave our guy the benefit of a doubt probably thinking that someone was coming up behind him to field that kickoff. The second he calls a fair catch and the ball bounces off his face mask....smh...but that happens in high school. The bad pitch from our QB that should have probably been scooped up for a SGC TD. And finally, the most important special teams play of the year so far results in a snap sailing 6 foot over our punter’s head and is recovered by SG inside the 20. SG had every chance in the world to win this game and played very good defense throughout. HOWEVER, with number 5 Healthy, I’ve always felt that this is probably the best defense Covington has had in a long time and boy they showed it tonight. This defense can play with anyone in the state. I hope they can continue to lead this team and help our young offense. Great game to both teams! Congrats on a great season SG! And GO CHARGERS beat Wooddale!
  3. If this is true then if Covington wins they would be at home next week.
  4. Last time, in Medina, I remember well. Very nice facilities. I do recall having to stand on the sidelines most of the game due to the Covington crowd, we all seem to enjoy traveling up that way. I also remember that Syracuse beat Clemson that night. I was listening to that game on the way up there. I do plan on getting up that way earlier this time and paying a visit to the Main Street Grill. Looking forward to it!
  5. Even though I was at that game, reading this article reassures me that if we play a clean game, we have a good shot of advancing! 14-4 on first downs in Covington’s favor, don’t remember that and 90 yards in big play penalties killed us also. Not to mention the punt mishap.
  6. Looks like I’ll be bringing my Mr. Heater again!
  7. Gotta love some good fan banter! I think we ALL know how evenly matched these teams are and that this will be a knock down, drag out fight. Nobody is gonna come into that stadium and dominate the other team. We all have tunnel vision when it comes to the teams we cheer for and I’m guilty as well. I think Covington will come out on top. It will no surprise me, however, if I’m wrong. I will say this though....I hope whoever wins THIS game goes on to the ship as I will be pulling for them the rest of the playoffs!
  8. I look for Covington to pull out all the stops for this game! I also look for SG to be just as hungry! Should be a great game and I’m looking forward to heading to Medina next Friday! I need to know where the best local spot to eat is, I plan on supporting y’all’s economy with my belly before the game. GO CHARGERS!
  9. If we are trucking along with ease against Melrose, I would hope that they do not play him. I agree with you both, with Winfrey earlier in the season, the defense was the best I’ve seen at Covington. The defense is still dang good and he’s just 1 guy. But healthy, he’s scary good at that MLB position and does make a difference.
  10. It was actually closer than you think. At one point early in the 4th quarter Covington led 7-6. They eventually lost 22-7. But I do recall the play you are referring to and Darron had just intercepted the ball just to have it taken away like candy from a baby by Morehead.
  11. I remember that game as well, I was a freshman and Melrose brought the house. They filled up the entire visitor stands (and they were large and wooden back then) and we thought they were gonna collapse when they would cheer. There were also several hundred that couldn’t fit in the stands. I bet they brought a couple thousand that night. I believe Cedric Wilson was a player back then along with Alabama commit Kendal Morehead, an absolute beast! Melrose was the Whitehaven back then of Memphis.
  12. Man, it was horrible being in region 8. They brought nobody to games and it really hurt the gate money compared to rural communities that support their football. So glad to be in this region with programs like Milan, SG, and McNasty...even though we cheer against each other most weeks, we share the same passion for our high school football and our towns. Makes it so much more fun on Friday night!
  13. I’ve been to every Covington game this year an have seen all 7-3a teams play. Any 7-3a team besides Bolivar (and Westview with a defense) could play for 3rd best in the state this year in 3A. I just strongly feel that PC and ,undoubtedly, Alcoa are your 1 and 2 and on a different level. These two have shown that they can play and beat any team in the state no matter the class. If Covington can’t make it....I’m still going to the 3A title game....it ought to be a good one
  14. I saw maybe 1 or 2 plays out of the wing-t last night...most of it was option and double wing for pitches. Milan was all wing-t and it was shut down. Dis y’all notice that Winfrey started last night and MCNairy did nothing until he tweaked that knee again. I wish they would’ve rested him 2 more weeks....I doubt he’ll return now
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