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  1. I was on the sideline that night and have a copy of the highlight VHS from that year which shows the play....I assure you, he did not cross the goal line....Westview was a great team that year...I still remember attempting to block a certain DE named Justin Harrell...might as well tried to move a centerblock wall.
  2. The defense is absolutely our unit this year! Especially that linebacker Corp.
  3. This regions top 5 of the 6 are all very good teams and it should get exciting this season.....1 good team will be left out of the playoffs sadly
  4. I hope so, looks like Tennessee could use all the help they can get!
  5. Did you just say ya'll have 4 seniors on the team? Holy crap man! That is very impressive to beat MBA and Cane Ridge...however, I had no idea it was with 4 seniors. This could be ya'lls year PC. I wish we didn't have to go through you guys (if we were to make it that far) to get another shot at Alcoa. However, if you guys make the title game and play them, I would have to rout for you.
  6. Saw Haywood in action a couple weeks back. This team is scary good. Size, Speed, and athleticism everywhere. Many of their kids looked as if they could put an SEC jersey on today and play the part. In years past, they've had teams that looked great on paper and the coaching hurt the outcome. Not, this year, their playbook and execution look on Que. This team could be the best in West TN regardless of classification. Just my opinion.
  7. I enjoyed the game last night. It's always good to meet an unfamiliar opponent, especially one from out of state. Covington looked really sloppy early on and shot themselves in the foot on multiple occasions. It's not good when you have to abandon a game plan of shotgun and go under center because you can't seem to make the exchange. The false start penalties were ridiculous and I'm almost convinced that Bauxite must have been mimicking our cadence in some way. It also stunk having our top RB ejected in the first series (that was probably instigated as well). We have to keep composure because we should know that teams will try whatever it takes to attempt to neutralize out run game. With all that said, I feel that Bauxite earned, maybe, 3 points from our defense. We had no problem moving the ball barring penalties and mistakes. This game could have easily been more of a blowout IMO.
  8. I know this will stir the hornets nest, but....PC pretty much is a 6A school as far as students to pull from because they pull from multiple schools. They utilize the enrollment from PC High to classify as 3A but are able to get students from another high school with similar enrollment without a football program. JS
  9. Covington is losing a lot with this past senior class. However, most of their defense (which faired dang well against a very good Alcoa offense) is returning. Also, Mr. Football finalist MJ is now a Junior! Kirby is about all you could hope for in a replacement to Wheeler. He is a go get’er and will get many kids out on that field. I’ve mentioned earlier, that if Covington had the talent from the stands at those Friday night games, they would be very hard to beat in any classification. Kirby can get those athletes to play on Friday nights and will. I expect Covington to challenge for a 3rd consecutive year, however, the local competition will get tougher!
  10. Thank you for that, Twisted! I would love to see another clash between these two teams in the future....the past 2 years have been heartbreaking but so much fun....I love watching games like this! Congratulations on y’alls 17th
  11. Exactly right....very impressed with Rankin crossing the field to pick up our QB.....class act coach
  12. It might take a couple years...we are losing a lot....our depth usually doesn’t allow for trips to Cookeville year after year....but who knows...Coach Wheeler keeps adapting and getting better year after year with what he has to work with.
  13. Yea these two teams battled! Hard one to swallow.....my Chargers left it all out on the field! Congrats to Alcoa! Hope to see you again
  14. Likewise Alcoa...looking forward to a good injury free game! Good luck to all the young men participating and the safe travels for all the fans. Coincidentally, storms are forecasted for a team named the tornadoes and another whose logo includes a lightning bolt! The good lord must be a fan of both!!
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