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  1. I’d be in again this year.
  2. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cody-chittum-cleveland-tennessee-impresses-094400965.html This article mentions a high ankle sprain.
  3. I’d personally take Coffey over any of them. I think he has the highest ceiling in the state. It’s crazy how athletic he is for a HWT. Whichever college gets him will be really lucky.
  4. People keep saying to give solutions, and some have been thrown out there if you can navigate through all posts about Bowers. Like BQ said, treat it like any other national tournament. Let the kids pay their entry, and then everything else is the parent’s responsibility to take care of their child the way that’s best for them. It’s been posted that just last year the price was significantly less than the $1500 being asked for this year. I didn’t see everyone in an uproar over last year’s price. Maybe the simplest solution is just to copy what worked in the past. No need for change if you have something in place that works.
  5. Exactly! There should NOT be a flat rate. The customers should have the choice to purchase what they want. If the parent doesn’t want to pay for their kid to go a camp, they should not have to. What if they only want to compete in one style? The price should be lower than a kid doing both styles. Why should a parent have to pay for lodging and travel if the parent is going as well? The kid can ride and stay with their parents to save money. I agree completely with what you said. This should be treated like any other national tournament. Just like any other business, you have to listen to your customers or you’ll be out of business. We’re already seeing alternatives pop up like the tournament Bosken posted. Overpricing of a product will lead to someone finding a better alternative.
  6. You guys can get mad at him for the insult all you want, and I’m not necessarily disagreeing. The insults should stay off the message boards. However, I do believe they are justified. $1500 to wrestle in a tournament is insane. The majority of our wrestling families will not be able to afford that. On top of that you’re forcing them to compete at 2 other tournaments before you even allow them the opportunity to compete at Fargo. One of those tournaments being in Georgia requiring a weekend in a hotel. Now you are looking at over $2000 just to wrestle at Fargo. This is just plain wrong. The #1 goal should be growing wrestling in TN, and getting as many of our top kids there as possible. We had some impressive results last year, and had the opportunity to expand on that this year. Charging this much money is not helping to achieve this goal. How can you justify this? How is this the best move for our state? I’m just dumbfounded over this decision. I’ve always thought Bowers took more heat than deserved in past years, but I can’t defend this. I believe it may be time for new leadership with our state’s best interest in mind.
  7. Fisak should be the 1 seed if you ask me!!! In all honesty the seeds actually look really good. I just couldn’t resist throwing that joke out there.
  8. I agree on Uhorchuk. The kid is a stud. With the absence of Trey Bates, he’s my top seed. If Trey is there, then I would go with him over Uhorchuk.
  9. I like all the choices. I don’t think there’s any I would have changed if I was picking them myself. Congrats to all of these wrestlers.
  10. I hate to hear that, but am glad he wasn’t injured. I had assumed he was hurt when I seen the forfeit.
  11. I picked Trae, but Ivy has no reason to be ashamed. Ivy gave him a tough match, and may have got the pin himself had the match not been stopped for blood. He definitely proved to me that he can wrestle with Trae. Both have great careers ahead of them. I’m expecting Trae to get the championship and Ivy to come back for third. I think that match should of been the finals.
  12. Bond Holloway Taylor Horst Dendy Bowers Pace Whitworth Hodge Reiniche Sell Harper Wooten Gore
  13. Keeping my picks from my original post besides the couple that didn’t make it. 160 - Fields 195 - Williams
  14. The Lundy match didn’t surprise me at all since I picked him to win. The two biggest surprises for me were the Clemmons and Dezember upsets.
  15. I can’t argue with this one. It’s the pick I’m probably the most confident in besides Kramer. I’ve only had the chance to see Palmer once this year at the Ryan tournament. He was just on another level. Dezember lost a close one in the semis to one of the out of state wrestlers. Several of us there were expecting a good finals match between that kid and Palmer. Palmer went on to take him down, turn him, and get the pin in about a minute. After watching that match I’d be surprised if Palmer has a close one this weekend.
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