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  1. hawks11

    Pin-tn.com D2 Wrestler of the year

    I like all the choices. I don’t think there’s any I would have changed if I was picking them myself. Congrats to all of these wrestlers.
  2. hawks11

    Predictions for AAA finals

    I hate to hear that, but am glad he wasn’t injured. I had assumed he was hurt when I seen the forfeit.
  3. hawks11

    Day 2 Discussion

    I picked Trae, but Ivy has no reason to be ashamed. Ivy gave him a tough match, and may have got the pin himself had the match not been stopped for blood. He definitely proved to me that he can wrestle with Trae. Both have great careers ahead of them. I’m expecting Trae to get the championship and Ivy to come back for third. I think that match should of been the finals.
  4. hawks11

    D2 Finals predictions

    Bond Holloway Taylor Horst Dendy Bowers Pace Whitworth Hodge Reiniche Sell Harper Wooten Gore
  5. hawks11

    Predictions for AAA finals

    Keeping my picks from my original post besides the couple that didn’t make it. 160 - Fields 195 - Williams
  6. hawks11

    Day 2 Discussion

    The Lundy match didn’t surprise me at all since I picked him to win. The two biggest surprises for me were the Clemmons and Dezember upsets.
  7. hawks11

    AAA 126 lb Preview and Picks

    I can’t argue with this one. It’s the pick I’m probably the most confident in besides Kramer. I’ve only had the chance to see Palmer once this year at the Ryan tournament. He was just on another level. Dezember lost a close one in the semis to one of the out of state wrestlers. Several of us there were expecting a good finals match between that kid and Palmer. Palmer went on to take him down, turn him, and get the pin in about a minute. After watching that match I’d be surprised if Palmer has a close one this weekend.
  8. hawks11

    AAA 106 lb. Preview/Picks

    I couldn’t pick against Trae, but I’m interested to see that Ivy rematch. I never had the chance to watch the first one, but it’s been brought up a lot on here. It will be interesting to see if Ivy can give him a match.
  9. hawks11

    AAA 113 lb. Preview and Picks

    This might be the final I was the most undecided on. I feel like they could wrestle several times with the winner being split 50/50 between the two. Should be an exciting matchup.
  10. hawks11

    AAA 132 lb Preview and Picks

    I was thinking the same thing about Isbell and Whiteside being the state finals. I actually went Isbell because I thought it favored him getting Whiteside earlier than the finals before he puts his weight back on. Whiteside is a big 132 and if that match was in the finals I think I’d have leaned towards him winning. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of them come out on top.
  11. hawks11

    AAA 120 lb Preview and Picks

    I have to agree with Durdon. I’ve already seen multiple people picking Clemmons, and I just don’t see it. Somehow Cannon is being extremely underestimated. The past two seasons he has lost to a total of two Tennessee wrestlers...Noah Horst and Brayden Palmer. I don’t see anyone in the bracket that comes close to the caliber of those two wrestlers. Cannon already pinned Witt last year. Medina also beat Witt at state before being teched by Cannon 19-0. The same Medina that beat Clemmons this year. I’d be surprised if Cannon doesn’t bonus point his way through the bracket. No offense to the other kids, but the gap between Cannon and the rest of the field seems pretty big to me. As long as Cannon’s healthy, I can’t picture another wrestler getting to the top of the podium.
  12. hawks11

    AAA Individual State Preview

    I don’t remember ever saying he was top 10 p4p. You don’t have to be to win a state title the last time I checked. He does only have one in state loss to Pace who I’m pretty sure he won’t have to go through at state. He may not win, but I definitely wouldn’t say there’s no chance. The kid can wrestle. Who do you have winning that weight?
  13. hawks11

    AAA Individual State Preview

    I guess I’ll get things started... 106 - Trae McDaniel 113 - Jackson Bradford 120 - Michael Cannon 126 - Brayden Palmer 132 - Christian Isbell 138 - Dillon Pendley 145 - Grant Lundy 152 - Austin Sweeney 160 - Dalton Cockman 170 - Chase Diehl 182 - Austin Antcliffe 195 - Devin Gibson 220 - Skylar Coffey 285 - Michael Kramer
  14. hawks11


    I may be completely wrong, but I was under the impression that different people did the rankings for the different divisions. If they don’t update the rankings and send them in regulary it might be hard for the person running the website to post them. I understand the frustration for everyone from those divisions though.
  15. hawks11

    State Duals Updates/Results

    Bradley won 33-32 in the final seconds of the last match.