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  1. Amazing thread, I did not go through the whole thing, but one thing is still true from the first page. Shane Turner is still one of the Gold Standard for coaching in TN. The Baylor School is incredibly lucky to have them. They really have an all star staff at this time. I would love to see Shane utilized by whoever takes over the chairman position for USA wrestling in this state (Fingers crossed Mike Hatcher is interested).
  2. The schools in the best states compete against private schools with similar situations to what you are describing. I think Baylor potentially making a jump to the next level is one of the best things that could happen to Tennessee wrestling. Cleveland is well on their way to getting over that hump as well. We must continue to seek out progress in order to catch the states that are ahead of us. With the sport changing so much in the country now is the time for us to embrace change and make a jump as a state. With the economic and population growth in Nashville and Murfreesboro those schools will benefit from wrestling clubs that I believe will start popping up, like what has happened in Atlanta and the impact its had on Georgia wrestling. FR will always find a way to compete. On the note of where they may be nationally ranked, I agree with barbwire to an extent. It is going to be difficult to break the top 25, but they should be making their way into the top 50 for sure. Where they fall will definitely depend on their schedule. Cleveland was right inside the top 50 last year and if Baylor can crack into it this year it will be great for Tennessee wrestling.
  3. I am really excited to see Belcher this season. He is a stud. I would love to see the Bears back on top. I am looking forward their season opener with Baylor. This is a must see dual if you are a wrestling fan in TN. While I think Baylor is definitely favored in the dual, there should be some great individual match ups. Is Belcher going to be at 120? As far as transfers go I believe Kagle from CAK is going to be at McCallie this coming season.
  4. This is great info! I am a big fan of Science Hill and their staff. I would love to see a non traditional powerhouse like Science Hill find their way to the number 1 spot in AAA.
  5. Maybe I just miss you guys, but I would like to see who everyone thinks will have the most horsepower next season so I am going to list my WAY TOO EARLY team rankings. All divisions, because that's what actually matters. 1) Baylor 2) Cleveland 3) McCallie 5) Wilson Central (tied) 5) Bradley (tied) This is my best guess. Baylor and McCallie have both added some studs this offseason. With what Cleveland graduated, McCallie may have a chance at taking that number two spot, but its hard to bet against Cleveland. WC and Bradley should both be solid. I believe Bradley has a strong 8th grade class. Who is adding studs to their lineup? Who is going to be the team to beat next year? Let me know!
  6. I believe a majority of the money raised for RTC South to be able to operate and have a coach the caliber of Dan Dennis was done by the Chattanooga Wrestling Club and their support network. They are saving a lot of money by being able to work in conjunction with UTC wrestling which creates a training opportunity for their athletes who are competing in U-23 and Senior level competition. A majority of the RTCs around the country are based out of and funded by a Division 1 wrestling programs. That being said, another RTC could be opened in Memphis, Nashville, or Murfreesboro if the support was there. The criteria link is attached below. Congrats to our boys who represented TN, GA, and RTC SOUTH at Fargo! http://content.themat.com/CoachesCorner/RTC-criteria.pdf
  7. Junior Freestyle113 – Kolin Koss 120 – Cooper Flynn 126 – Emory Taylor138 – Christian Isbell 152 – Nathanael Schilling, Antonio Washington170 – Mason Reiniche195 – Brooks Sacharczyk Junior Greco-Roman113 – Kolin Koss 120 – Cooper Flynn 126 – Emory Taylor138 – Christian Isbell 152 – Nathanael Schilling, Antonio Washington170 – Mason Reiniche195 – Brooks Sacharczyk Junior Women106 – Destiny Shelton122 – Isabella Badon127 – Robin Yunis132 – Emma Walker16U Freestyle94 – Bentley Ellison106 – Arlo Laxton113 – Trae McDaniel, Hudson Daniel Sims, Brayden Ivy120 – James Dalrymple, Hunter Mason138 – Cody Chittum, Aiden Bowers170 – Gervacio Gonzalez195 – Ashton Davis, Parker Petersen285 – James Howard16U Greco-Roman94 – Bentley Ellison106 – Arlo Laxton113 – Trae McDaniel, Hudson Daniel Sims120 – James Dalrymple, Hunter Mason138 – Cody Chittum, Aiden Bowers170 – Gervacio Gonzalez195 – Ashton Davis285 – James Howard16U Women94 – Avery Kibelbek2018 16U All-Americans: Trey McDaniel (GR/FS), Cody Chittum (GR/FS), Cooper Flynn (FS)FloRankings: Trey McDaniel (No. 19 at 113)National Girls Rankings: Isabella Badon (No. 16 at 117), Emma Walker (No. 7 at 132), A pretty solid group. Good luck to all competing!
  8. Team Freestyle Results Georgia Black defeated Tennessee 45-23 Tennessee defeated Indiana 46-22 Nebraska Blue defeated Tennessee 52-17 Georgia Black defeated Tennessee 36-32 Pennsylvania defeated Tennessee 54-14 Texas defeated Tennessee 38-29 Tennessee defeated Alaska 40-34 Tennessee defeated North Dakota Blue 36-31 So overall a 3-5 as a team. Note that Indiana had 4 forfeits. I hope we can continue to improve as a state and put together some stronger performances in the future. Our biggest hurdle is still the division that has been caused by our term extending leader Mr. Bowers. That being said we are having a ton of success outside of this competition at the youth and Highschool level.
  9. This is one of the best camps offered in Tennessee this offseason. Jordan Leen is one of the very best wrestlers to come out of Tennessee and an incredible technician. Do not miss out on this opportunity if possible.
  10. Agreed, he lost a close semi-final match 4-2. Very winnable match with little action.
  11. Hooker Wins in the Conso Finals to take 3rd.
  12. Michael Hooker won by fall in the Conso semis.
  13. Congratulations to Tennessee's own Nick Boykin for making the UWW Junior World Team at 97 Kilos. He won his bracket with relative ease and I look forward to seeing how he performs at junior world championships. Michael Hooker is in the Conso Semis in the 72 Kilo Senior Greco division. He had a 8-0 first period tech over Chandler Rodgers of OSU yesterday. Best of luck to all of the Tennesseans competing this weekend!
  14. Oh it’s just another shady situation coming out of Memphis. #NotSurprised
  15. $1500 for a kid to chase their dream. I don’t recall it ever being this high. I hope no one is profiting off of this.
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