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  1. You must not have seen the Twitter posts that parent put up several times. Do your thing Amy J and good luck replacing her MC!
  2. Do you truly believe in your mind that coaches support and acceptance doesn't play a part in someone looking elsewhere. Especially a coach who runs things their way and not the political way? Why just settle to let the good ones go, even if it is to riverdale? Why not do something to get them to stay, like support them instead of bash them in the stands or on social media. Great kids, great community, deserve great coaches.
  3. Maybe the admin and parents should take notice. If they don't, then this is what happens....just sayin'
  4. Good luck to MC. Too bad they can't keep the good ones.
  5. Waiting on the announcement. Had anyone heard? Is MC without a coach?
  6. Ok,ok,ok....MC will have the best team and fans in the state, all of their girls should be up for miss basketball and should play SEC ball when they graduate. None of them have any room to improve. When the coach leaves for Tullahoma or wherever, I bet there will be a new one just waiting to jump in there. Is that observation good for you?
  7. I was simply commenting on an observation. You're the one who got in an uproar and thought I was talking about your kid. Oh sorry, you aren't a parent. If it makes you feel better go ahead and consider me a jealous parent and someone who doesn't have a clue.
  8. Touchy. Must be a parent. Don't know her number and if I did I wouldn't put it here. Not into bashing kids. I was just making an observation. Didn't mean to upset. Last time I checked, honesty isn't crap. Much easier to see truths when there are no ties. Best of luck to ALL the girls, past, present, and future.
  9. More like "wanna be" head coaches. Shameful that people don't realize they do more harm than good when they try to undermine the work that goes in with the actual coach.
  10. Not trying to start a rift. Just calling it like I see it. I hope they have a great season. It was nice seeing MC back at the state tourney. I heard good things about the team so I started paying attention and was impressed and expected them to make it to the final game.
  11. Don't know her name. Pretty girl. Looks athletic but seems to do her own thing when I seen her play.
  12. MC is a tough place to coach and who could blame her for leaving. According to history, admin doesnt appear to defend their coaches. It seems parents and board run the show.
  13. I hear MC has a decent younger group coming up. Seen the bench play and they have potential too, but not sure if they have the experience to make a great run next year and think the majority of them will be seniors. 1 of them just goes wide open every time she gets the ball. Doesn't seem to be interested in team ball. Whoever is coaching will have some rebuilding to do and MC people aren't very patient. Seems to be a lot of coaching in the stands at every game I been to.
  14. I'm just saying, just because eagleville's season has ended doesn't mean Moore County's has. FYI, that coach is still coaching and those girls are still playing. Quit trying to create a rift when you have no idea what you are talking about. According to her, she hasn't even applied for Tullahoma job. It's not a fact until it happens, so stop reporting false news.
  15. Clay County looked shell shocked at the end of the 1st. Great game. I guess #thetoughestteamwon. I hope the bulldogs enjoyed the scenery.
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