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  1. Well your my dang pal ain’t cha?
  2. For me I would have to go with Kelcey Williams from Humboldt as the best rb with Flowers a close 2nd. Followed in no particular order. Mario Mcelrath from UC. Nick Hampton WV, Raphael Hill WV, Earnest Fields Milan, George Kidd Milan, Joe Longmire, Bruceton. All Around players. Willis by a long shot. Fields, Kidd, Chris Donald.
  3. I think his senior year at Bruceton was 2002.
  4. Willis wanted to go to UT but UT was crazy over another West Tn kid, Daniel Brooks from JCM. The Oline coach at the time, Mike Barry was sold on Willis and was the only coach to watch him live, west tn was his recruiting territory. Barry had a fit over Tn not offering him. I’ve heard he and Chavis almost came to blows over it. Anyway, Brooks got an offer and was kicked off the team within a year and Patrick Willis went on to Ole Miss and NFL stardom. Mike Barry resigned at UT.
  5. The best high school player I have seen at any level. Patrick Willis from 1A Bruceton.
  6. that ripped my soul out bud.
  7. Too be fair I think @Croppygenius said the most talented team. I don’t think it’s arguable that NCS with Daniel Bituli and Brant Lawless and seems like they had a D1 running back signee that year as well, would be the most talented team. I agree UC 14 was the most complete team.
  8. Y’all will have same schedule next year I presume? I figure Crockett County will be your only loss in regular season and maybe UC, they got a lot back? unless Westview hires a quality defensive mind for their opening. Your right though Freedom Prep would be the only team to cause you any problems in playoffs.
  9. I gave @Guidance1812 some advice that you couldn’t use duck blind leases as permanent addresses for transfers and bang that thread was gone! Somebody maybe took it more serious than it was intended and went ape crap on ol Mustang1969?
  10. @Guidance1812 you didn’t take ole Mustang1969 serious and have a come apart on me on there about the duck blind lease did you?
  11. That’s kind of how I remember it! Lol.
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