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  1. Wait, how many starters y’all got that actually played for Milan last year? How much do those boys make a year? 4 players with D1 offers? Like your buddy Roy D would say “ this sounds like some mess, you think I’m jokin but I’m not.”
  2. That would make more sense with the Marcus Dupree comparison.
  3. Heck boys I didn’t know your new coach brought his qb up here with him from Mississippi. I hear that boy is the best athlete to come out of Philadelphia, Mississippi since Marcus Dupree! Y’all need to quit holding out on us.
  4. I’m kinda wishing ida been kicked in the eyes before seeing that last mess.
  5. I been trying to tell you for over a year to stay off Mustang threads. With that said I’d ruther have you on the thread than ever have to see that mess again.
  6. That is the most offensive thing I’ve seen on coacht. By a long shot. Heck take the win just don’t subject us to this ever again.
  7. My opinion is that their front 7 physically dominated us on the line of scrimmage. They will dominate a bunch of teams this season if they stay healthy. If they can find an offense before playoff time they will be a tough out for anybody. Now, we probably dominated them on the stat sheet. I maintain LC will be in semis no if’s, ands, or buts about it. Regions 5 -6 will be a battle.
  8. 1. South Pitt 2. Lake County 3. Gordonsville 4. Fayetteville 5. Moore County 6. Huntingdon 7. Cornersville 8. Coalfield 9. Mcewen 10. Greenfield
  9. Ain’t a snow cones chance in hades Milan will come in flat for this game. If anything they might be too pumped up. We are overmatched talent wise in this game, so we must be fundamentally sound, no penalties and take care of the football. IMO in 2017 and 2018 Milan quit when they found themselves overmatched. Last year it was a ballgame from start to finish. I don’t think Huntingdon will quit no matter the score in this one. These kids play hard and that’s all we can expect from this young team over here in Mustang Country.
  10. No doubt LC will be in the semis again. Huntingdon is not a notch above this season however. We are squarely in the same pack as Fayetteville, Moore County, Cornersville, etc. We COULD be in the semis again if we continue to improve and peak in the playoffs.
  11. Aw I was just playing, I don’t think we have anybody under the weather. Looking forward to seeing the new stadium and hoping for a great game.
  12. Everybody is sick over here with the China virus and don’t have the time or energy to be foolin with the likes of you.
  13. Huntingdon’s Qb club program only goes back to 1930 and is not accurate in some instances, which is why I have gone back and done the research for myself. That’s not a knock on anybody. History is important and should be correct and cherished. By the program counts we have only played 933 games through last week. The truth is we have played 1,011 games through last week. We played our 1,000th game last season on Oct 11th against Wayne County. It would have been great to have known that at the time. I have the newspaper stories digitally for every game Huntingdon has ever played. It’s pretty cool bro.
  14. Literally hundreds of hours going through microfilm and newspaper clippings. I’m a bit of a stats and history buff.
  15. Heading into Friday’s game both schools all time wins stands at 676. Huntingdons all time record is 676-318-16 while Milan stands at 676-391-24. Huntingdon has an all time winning percentage of 67% and Milan is at 61%. Head to head Milan holds an advantage of 50 wins with 37 losses and 1 tie. Over the last 20 seasons both schools have 12 wins and 12 losses. Coach Eric Swenson’s record stands at 115-38 (75% wp) and he is 6-6 in head to head matchups with the Bulldogs. Check out this weeks Carroll News Leader and Milan Mirror Exchange for an excerpt from the upcoming book “ The Dog and Pony Show” available in 2021.
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