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  1. If it’s the same, then DB looks like a tough matchup again for Greene Devils but Science Hill and Morristown West are losing key talent so those games shouldn’t be as challenging. Anderson County should be talented again as Stanton Martin returns but Greeneville should get back to state
  2. Probably gonna be the same to be honest cause teams really don’t change their non-conference schedules after a year they usually do it after about 3 or so years
  3. I remember when Morristown West And Sevier County was in this region and they used to win consistently but West moved up to 6A and Sevier County went to R2 as Volunteer and Cherokee came to R1
  4. I believe if Crockett didn’t have the Sensabaugh drama, they could’ve at least got R1 a win in the 1st round but R1 might go winless in the 1st round again unless something unexpected happens
  5. Boone will prob win Region 1 that Cole kid has great Talent and Region 2 will prob be central again even though this division is mostly even. Region 3 is a tough division but I see Fulton winning this one. Region 4 will go to catholic
  6. A healthy Knox Central team can contend. Have one of the best defenses in TN
  7. How do y’all think 5A will look next year? Will Catholic Repeat?
  8. Hopefully Maryville will dominate the rest of the game like they already have so that East TN will win all 5 games they were in
  9. Greeneville only had 4 seniors that started so they are definitely the early favorite to go to back to back as their Junior Class is loaded with talent
  10. I Love how everyone that plays Greeneville acts like they are overrated then get dominated with the only exception of Anderson County... well they got dominated in 2nd half by the devils
  11. I went to AC game too and it was one of best high school games I’ve witnessed
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