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  1. I see a possible rematch in the District. South Greene beat Happy Valley by two points last year. Anything can happen in the tournament. Good Luck to your team.
  2. Happy Valley was a much better team tonight than their record would indicate. I was at the game. Two of SG's starters got into early foul trouble and coach opened the floodgates and played everybody in the first half. SG's sixth player did not suit up tonight, which made some difference in the game. HV had a double-digit lead, with what seemed like zero turnovers, but SG narrowed it down before the half was over. SG's starters came out in the second half, got into a groove, and outscored HV 19-5 in the third. Happy Valley's #34 is an excellent player, knocking down threes and playing tough but was slowed down a bit in the second half. If SG hadn't gotten a good lead in the third, HV could have won the game in the fourth. District should be interesting. It's great to see good competition in District 1. Much credit goes to Happy Valley for playing a good game on the road. Rebel Hill is not an easy place to play. One criticism: HV needs to have more fans travel to support their team like Hampton did a couple of weeks ago. IMO, in makes a difference.
  3. You nailed this. There's lots to be said about the regard (loyalty) student athletes have for their school. I watched Ms. Ramsey on WCYB recently. She was named player of the week. Looks to me like her future is a bright one.
  4. I mentioned in a different thread that, if I went to the game, I'd post something about it. I should have added, IF I COULD FIND SOME STATS. So far, there's none to be found on the 'Net. G-P had the home court advantage with a loud student section and band. Even the guy who does the public address is very loud. It's a beautiful facility that I try to visit once or twice a year. In last year's regional championship, G-P beat Alcoa, literally by an inch, when Karli Hayworth's three-point shot didn't make it past the front of the rim. Since Alcoa lost, they had to play McMinn Central and surprised everyone by winning that game. So, I did not expect Gatlinburg-Pittman to be as strong of a team as they turned out to be, especially after Alcoa just lost to Bearden by one point. It was a good defensive game, with G-P pressing for most of it. Although I couldn't find any stats, I will say that if anyone scored in double digits, it wouldn't have been by very many points. Maddie Newman is a great player, but she had it tough against junior post player Amelia Pfeiffer, who left the game with what looked like a knee injury, toward the end of the game. I'm praying it's not a serious one.
  5. Right on, Coach. Mains is fun (incredible) to watch also. Haworth and Mains are great for basketball in East Tennessee. Good luck the rest of this season.
  6. I've heard that McMinn Central is a tough place for visitors. There's a nickname for their gym, but I can't recall what it is.
  7. That's too bad about Gatlinburg's transfer. South Greene has the injury bug also. It hurts to see a kid, no matter the team, hit the floor and not get right back up. G-P has a post, Maddie Newman, who is smooth in the paint. I'm looking forward to seeing her this week.
  8. Alcoa returned all of their starters from last year plus Mak Bremer. Bremer is a smart player, who put herself in position to make high percentage shots during the Upperman game. There is not a weak spot in their lineup. Westview beat Alcoa in last year's tournament, but Bremer's return makes this team better. Alcoa travels to Gatlinburg-Pittman January 6. I'm hoping to make this game and, if I do, I will give a report here on Coach T. In last year's tournament, Alcoa lost a close game at G-P, that resulted in them having to play on the road at McMinn Central for a trip to Murfreesboro. Alcoa won that game. They are a fun team to watch. BTW, point guard, Karli Haworth will play college ball for Carson-Newman, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
  9. Congratulations to this year's Andrew Johnson Ladies Classic champs, Alcoa H.S., who beat Knoxville Catholic H.S. 58 to 47 in the final game. On the previous night, Alcoa beat Upperman in a defensive "slugfest" 42-41. In that game, starting post for Alcoa, Amelia Pfeiffer, left the game about two minutes into the second quarter, due to concussion protocol. Thanks to Mak Bremer, who totaled 26 points, Alcoa was able to make a 4th quarter comeback to win in the semi-finals. Bremer rejoined her team this season after suffering a knee injury last season. This was one of the hardest played games I have seen this year. In the championship game, with Pfeiffer returning to the lineup, Alcoa had more of an inside game than on the previous night. Catholic's star guard, Sydney Mains, was unable to shift momentum to her team's favor, as she usually does with three- point shots, although she had three for the game. She was "held" to 19 points. Karli Haworth scored 25 points with five threes for Alcoa. Two individual tournament records were broken this year. Alcoa's Karli Hayworth broke the single game record with 9 threes and Sydney Mains broke the tournament record with 23 threes. Overall, this year's tournament was a great one!
  10. My guess is they frown on outside food. That said, the concession is professional, and family owned. The popcorn is a bit salty, LOL.
  11. I did receive your private message and sent a response. Your message is the first DM I have received on Coach T. Let me know in this thread if you did not receive it and I will respond in this thread.
  12. Coach, Thank you for your gracious response. It is much appreciated.
  13. "Coachinhoops" visited my profile late last night. I invite him to go back a couple of years to some threads where he and his team were being trashed by an Internet troll from Bradley Central. I wasn't as concerned about the coach, who could take care of himself, but was more concerned about the slandering that some of Cleveland's players received. More than once I suggested in the body of those threads that they be deleted. Finally, after things got very personal and nastier, I contacted the staff at CoachT and they decided to remove several messages. My main concerns were Cleveland's players, who could have been following along. There is such a thing as being gracious in winning. Nothing you will say will cause me to change my opinion.
  14. You might want to go back and read what I said. The reference was to the fact that Cleveland was rallying and "catching up" to Greeneville.
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