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  1. I didn't want to say it but now that it's over I will. No one was getting Cleveland. No one was getting Soddy. No one gave Halls much credit or thought. I know the seeding was crap but they got by DB and a Bradley team that had momentum. I think there was resentment towards them coming from small school. Many prolific posters on this board dismiss small school wrestlers and programs. I think Halls showed they can compete and I'm glad to see it. IMO Sayne has done more with less than anyone in the state. No transfers, no big money, all developed in house. Most importantly, he cares about these kids deeply.
  2. Good advice. As the day went on, they seemed to insert themselves more and more. It's like they got tired and aggravated later in the day. I get it, long day. Some rude fans and all but keep kids safe. It's the number one thing.
  3. Station Camp was tough, they're pretty solid throughout most of the line up. Coaches and fans fit that program were great. Tullahoma showed up too. I thought they did really well today. Fans were really into it and great. As I've said all year, Soddy is just on another level this year. They were fired up today. I'm pretty confident they're the 2nd best public school in the state behind Cleveland. Signal can score points on most every team at about 6 maybe 7 weight classes. Beyond that, they're done. PF is good from 126-215. Some of those are really good, some are just good. I thought they were flat today. I also learned they're dirty and fans were trashy. I was disappointed with the way their coach reacted.
  4. Didn't see this one but I walked over to watch a couple AC vs PF matches while waiting on Halls/Cleveland. PF kid broke an AC kids finger, on purpose. AC kid holds his up his hand to the ref, finger is straight sideways. Ref looked at him, said "I didn't see it, you need to finish wrestling." No injury time. Refs were generally ok, but man when they were bad, they were really bad. Won't even try to keep kids safe. To add insult to injury, PF coach made fun of it.
  5. Signal will get bonus points at 106, 113, 120, 126, 132 and 175. Truth be told, they probably get those bonus points against everyone. PF gets bonus points at 138, 144, possibly 150, possibly 157, 165, 190, 215 and heavy. That's 8 weight classes to 6 but bonus points stack up. Who can get them and who can limit them is the question.
  6. Soddy will win. They are a complete team. Station Camp is good, possibly 2nd best team there. I predict they will give Soddy the toughest dual of the day. Signal and Tullahoma could be fun. That Davis/Avans match at 175lbs will be fire. 1 vs 2. Winner of that dual gets PF. Pigeon forge, Tullahoma, Station Camp and Signal all have some really great wrestlers. But all 3 teams also have a few holes. Station has the least gaps of any team besides Soddy IMO. This is all my opinion of course but here's how I see it. PF is solid or competitive from 126-215. Signal is really good from 106-138. 150 and 175. They have holes though, especially up top. Of course if you can pin at 7 weights and just force a Dec at 1 more you're going to win. Tullahoma has a lot of talent spread throughout the line up. Their random role players as I call them are better than most. Station Camp has a good kid at every weight. AC is a group of scrappers with just enough good kids up top and in the middle to beat most teams. But this is state duals and not most teams. Munford and Millington are similar to AC. They all have holes. I'm curious about how West TN wrestling matches up against the East, some of these teams wrestle in bubbles.
  7. By your logic returning state placers shouldn't be seeded in the individual tournament based on previous results. Would you advocate for that too?
  8. Didn't know they wrestled earlier. I wonder if Station was at full strength? I don't think it matters, Soddy is 1, maybe 2 levels ahead of everyone else. I think PF makes the finals and can have a few good matches. Soddy will pile up bonus points at 106, 113, 120, 215 and heavy. They may get 30 points there alone.
  9. Brackets are up. Station Camp vs Soddy in the semi will be fun to watch. How about Tullahoma vs Signal? Could be fun to watch and the winner gets PF. My predicted order of finish. 1. Soddy 2. PF 3. Station Camp
  10. Don't sleep on Station Camp. Soddy . . . PF/SM/SC Tullahoma . . everyone else
  11. Buddy called me with the results. AC got by Crockett 36-33. Some line up changes but nothing that matters in the end.
  12. I disagree. There are times as coaches you place the health of your kids above all else. Sickness? Injury? We don't know what is going on and i agree with FargoStrut. Kids could be hurt, sickness could be going around. They may be banged up and just want to get healthy. If you just recently wrestled and it wasn't competitive, all you're doing is taking a beating for the sake of pleasing the ego driven fans/parents. We know what the result will be. Go ahead and focus on individuals if you want. See it all the time in D1 college where guy medical FF out of tournaments to save themselves wear and tear.
  13. Halls defeats Science Hill 54-17. Looks like Halls got another one back in the line up tonight that had been out with a broken nose.
  14. Just my opinion but Pigeon Forge probably matches up the best with Soddy. There are a lot of really good match ups there. In the end, Soddy is the more complete team and the bonus points they'll get at 106 and heavy will create distance. 120 132 138 144 150 165 190 All those matches have the potential to be fun to watch.
  15. Signal gets past SESI. I'd say it's in the 45-27 range. Crockett vs Signal could be interesting at 106 and 138 if SM bumps Ethan.
  16. I agree on Davis. He looks really good. I think at this point SD could contend with Summit. They beat DB and Halls.
  17. I've been to quite a bit of off season stuff last spring/ summer. I saw a lot of SD kids at those events. I saw quite a few at FS/GR stuff. Also saw em at the Soddy Showdown this season. They're solid, I've seen enough. In my opinion, they're probably top 3 public school in the state, regardless of small/big classification. I think they would beat most of the big school teams at state duals heads up. Not Cleveland, but they make that one respectable. I looked for my coach while I was at SD but never did find him. Maybe next year.
  18. Lol, Cleveland ain't walking through that door tomorrow. I mean that to say, there's only a handful of teams that could give them a run. None of which are small school.
  19. They will make it through sectionals, I have no doubt. They're getting a couple guys back and a couple more on weight. They're solid, not the same team as last year, but still good.
  20. Looking forward to seeing Halls with a full line up finally. I don't think Hardin Valley Academy has anything for them though.
  21. I think you're confusing my posts. The post you quoted me on was my response to someone about the Seymour vs AC match.
  22. I think they shuffled the line up around. Whatever it was, it worked.
  23. It will be Alcoa and SESI. SESI will get the loser of SD and SM. Alcoa gets the winner. SD and SM both win.
  24. For comparison sake, look at what happened with Grundy, Virginia's wrestling team. Wealthy local businessman wanted to support the football team with a lot of funding. Got told they'd take the money but nothing else. He declined. They had a wrestling program that was small, poor and didn't win a lot. Businessman decided that's where he'd focus. He poured about 1mil into it. Best coaches, facilities and tournaments. Check out the results.
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