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  1. I have tried to explain this exactly like this on here. Take a hard working, motivated kid from a small school that has some athleticism. Maybe he has ok coaching, limited workout options/facilities and few if any good partners to work with in the room. But he works hard and is dedicated. Take the same kid. Give him better coaching. Better facilities and a workout regimen. Give him several really good hammers to work with every practice for 2 or 3 years. Who wins? (Rhetorical) Point being, in aggregate all these things matter. Money, facilities, coaching, partners, school commitment etc. To me personally, what Halls did last year was much more impressive than anything Cleveland did. With respect, Halls developed their kids in house from scratch in a more austere environment. Cleveland is a great program, they have everything working for them and they should be on top. Their coaching, facilities, funding and support are as good as any in the state. They have no weak spots. When another team does more with less is what impresses me. Just my $.02
  2. Respectfully, this is why no one outside of 37312 cares all that much anymore about big school championships. Honestly, it's just not as entertaining.
  3. People do this for those coveted AAU championships they can put on a resume I guess. It happens at public schools a lot too. The ones I know of are at public schools.
  4. Ok, I'll throw some out there. With the realignment this year, especially in small school. Which region(s) and sectional(s) do you see being the toughest or most competitive for both duals and/or individuals? Along those same lines regarding realignment, who came out of that as a winner, and who has it worse now? We saw a lot of really good seniors graduate last year. Who are some dark horse teams or individuals that are still flying under the radar? The state FS/GR tournament saw huge numbers this year, to the point its outgrown the current venue. Do you see that growth trend continuing and do we finally get another venue? What are some of the impacts you've seen with NIL on the wrestling scene, if any?
  5. Wrestling in general does this quite a bit unfortunately. I dint know about this particular case but in AAU it's common. I know of a HS sophomore (ranked) who is older than another ranked kid, same weight class, that is a senior.
  6. I can figure it out, I'll stop by and say hello. I've always appreciated your input here over the years.
  7. I think Harlan will come in heavier than 138lbs. He was playing football at tailback for them this season. I'm sure these rankings are sometimes best guess on weights. Jordan will probably be the 138, I'm going to guess Harlan gets to 144 or 150 pretty soon. This is all just speculation on my part. Also, come say hello next weekend. We'll be at the Irish Invitational.
  8. If SD doesn't win, it will go down as the biggest egg laid ever. They have to feel like they've been gifted an opportunity with East Hamilton moving up, PF moving regions. I like where PF is at though. Pretty strong line up with some ability to move things around in the line up. The region they're in now isn't as tough at the top but is stronger through the middle. More parity if you will. Who does SM have at the upper weights though, besides Davis? This part of the season is fun. Everyone thinks they have a shot, no one knows where all the kids are at on weight. Some kids that were just kinda there last year level up, others come out of no where. Page, East Ham, Green Hill, Halls move up. A couple teams move down.
  9. Just noticed that for big school it goes 1-6 place. Small school is 1-4 place.
  10. Looks like they released the first set of rankings on Pin -Tn. Not bad take on it for this early. There's plenty to critique, but I like that the guys do this for us. I'm sure it'll sort itself out soon enough.
  11. Been to a couple of preseason tournaments now. Some observations, or lack thereof. Maryville still has some good kids but the loss of Peyton Cooper, Macdonald, Coligan and the rest of that senior class from last year can be seen. Still got some good kids though. McMinn County Cherokees have a lot of kids. They look improved. Karns has a lot of kids. They can fill a roster it looks like. SESI only had a few kids but most of em were pretty good. Alcoa has a couple good looking kids. Kenny Harris I think is his name, he looks big and strong. Athletic. Mavrov from Grace is really strong and looks great. He's going to make some noise at 175lbs. I didn't get to watch Greeneville much and I don't know if they brought the A team or just a mix. Either way, I didn't see anything to be able to form an opinion. Clinton has several new faces that look pretty well developed. Watched kids from MO West, William Blount and a few others wrestle. Obviously I didn't see everyone but I couldn't help but think back to last year. There just weren't the numbers of hammers around I've been used to seeing. Last year I watched Morgan Lowery from Greeneville and picked him right away to make noise, which he did (state champ). I'm not seeing that yet this year. I guess we'll know more in a couple weeks after a few duals and tournaments. Point being, last couple years you could kinda get a feel for teams and which one had a lit of hammers. I haven't seen that this year, yet. Makes me wonder if we're in for a wild ride this season, full of surprises.
  12. Noonesfool, good luck to you guys rest of the way. Hope your guy is ok, looked like an ankle maybe? Y'all just played better and had more horses. Once again, some other GV fans are happy and celebrating a kid getting hurt. Tell me you peaked in HS without telling me that's where you peaked.
  13. Of course you didn't. Doesn't mean it didn't happen. It's been established that it did. The other stuff you're talking about is whataboutism. Celebrating an injury ≠ black flowers It's in the past though. I suspect most of those toxic fans from both sides have moved on. AC had/has their share too. Every fan base does. To answer another posters question. He did not play defense. He threw for 4 touchdowns and 4 interceptions that night. He had rushed for close to 1k yards that season. Throwing with one leg and no ability to scramble contributed I'm sure. If Cade (a super talented kid who could run) had been injured, it would have doomed Greeneville. But he wasn't, and I'm glad he wasn't. Good luck to both teams and best wishes for a good injury free game for both sides.
  14. I was there. It happened. Greeneville fans here have even acknowledged that it happened. They were embarrassed for those fans and good sports about it. There's probably threads on here with it still. Stantons grandfather who is a doctor, was at the game. He examined him on the sideline. He had a torn acl. He could still play, with pain, but was no longer a threat to run or move in the pocket much. Both of those 2018 teams were very talented, almost generational type teams. Whoever won that game was going to win it all without doubt.
  15. That game ? You mean the one where Stanton Martin, the dual threat qb for AC got his knee hit? The one where Greeneville fans were yelling, teasing him and openly calling for the Devils to take out his other knee? The one where Gv fans celebrated any time AC had an injury? The one where the AC qb finished the game on one functional leg, literally. Yeah, I remember that game. Injuries are a part of sports, but the fan behavior on display that night was beyond terrible. GV fans felt so entitled to a championship that when it was threatened, they showed their true colors. They were openly calling for GV players to hurt AC players. And celebrated when it happened.
  16. For AC? The D line getting pressure on the QB. If they don't, it could be a long night. They have to be disciplined about it though. Don't get caught with a counter or screen. Eli Nelson and Grayson Bradshaw need to have a good game. Taylor Davis needs to stay under control. Davis and Nelson have motors and are athletic. If the D line leaves the QB time to pass it could be a long night. This isn't rocket science, it's football 101. Offensively our QB doesn't need to get too hyped and make mistakes. Moog will be fine.
  17. That was not a designed play, any way shape or form. It was a good play, an athletic play. Good heads up play by the reciever to come back to the QB on that side of the field. The defense did a great job tonight. Eli Nelson can impact games in a big way when he gets going on defense. Almost the entire 3rd quarter was played inside the AC 40 with Betsy getting multiple trips inside the 10. AC stopped them multiple times but also committed a few costly penalties that let them have multiple cracks at the end zone. Still only gave up 1 TD.
  18. AC punts Betsy with back to back 1st downs. Big sack by AC slows Betsy down though. Betsy going for it on 4th and 10 and AC intercepts. AC ball at their 46 with 5:17
  19. That wasn't a call Mav. It was just the QB running for his life and the receiver made a play. Betsy goes for it on 4th and 4 from their own 45. Doesn't get it. AC ball. 3rd and 7 from the Betsy 44. AC 21 Betsy 7 7:45 to play
  20. AC takes a hard lick to the head on the kickoff. Helmet to Helmet. After the Injury timeout we head to the 4th. I think the entire 3rd quarter was played inside the AC 40. AC promptly goes 73 yards for a td.
  21. Sack by AC. Betsy going for it on 4th and 4 . AC gets called for PI on a ticky tac call. It was really good defense. Betsy gets another crack and finally scores. AC 14 Betsy 7
  22. This is Betsy's 3rd trip inside the AC 10 yard line this quarter
  23. AC converts on 3rd and long from their own 5 but it gets called back. Officials never said why. AC punts. Betsy driving. The entire 3rd quarter has been played inside the AC 40
  24. Betsy going for it on 4th and 6 at the 10 and didn't convert. Ball back to AC.
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