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  1. Tyner has made 3 State championship appearances under Wayne Turner. Winning one title. Pretty good job! This since 1997. Besides South Pitt which team in the are has played for more than 3 State Championships in that time period? Listening
  2. DC is leaving! Will be a head coach SOON
  3. Does anyone in Jefferson County care about athletics? The football program specifically? Powerhouse in the 80's and 90's.
  4. Tyner has not changed in years. It has been a Magnet school for a long time which makes it maybe the best job around. Because if the students are a problem they will be dismissed from the school. Also a really good situation because they Co-Op with CSAS so those students can come to Tyner and play. Usually 12-15 a year on the roster are from CSAS. Hamilton pays really good money. Assistants coaching supplements in Hamilton County are 15% which is really good. also really good hire in getting Coach Ward from Brainerd.
  5. Time to let the Bryants have it. None of the outsiders have worked.
  6. Why did the ever get rid of the Bryant brothers? Always competitive.
  7. Rhea has not been out of the 2nd round since 2015. Also 2 losing seasons. Fitzgerald may not be the guy. But Pemberton taking Rhea to new heights?
  8. Why does Rang want to leave Pittman? Simply because of Alcoa? He knew he would have to compete against Alcoa when he took the job.
  9. That has never been a head Coach. This could be someone now or someone from years ago that was just a career assistant coach!
  10. That has never been a head Coach. This could be someone now or someone from years ago that was just a career assistant coach!
  11. Who wins this Region and why? I believe the Rockwood Tigers should be the favorite with all our returning players.
  12. Going to Grissom High in Huntsville would not be a step up!
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