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  1. I'm hearing the same thing and I agree that if the hire that I'm hearing is true, it's a very interesting hire for sure (for both schools)!!!
  2. I was pretty sure SS would land the Central job but I'm hearing otherwise, so hopefully he ends up at AE!
  3. Strong rumors of something huge. If it happens, you'll know what I was talking about. If it doesn't, then no need to get into it now.
  4. Do you expect it to be SC or SS? I've heard both names
  5. I can't imagine how he could be eligible. Also, i hope nobody plays who would rather be a dragon than a wildcat
  6. It's the whole transfer portal thing. It's ridiculous but true
  7. I find this entire thread to be ridiculous. Coach Quarles has nothing to prove at Maryville and would be a fool to return. Also, return to Maryville as what? A former player of his is the current head coach. Nobody will ever repeat what Quarles did at Maryville, not even Quarles himself
  8. Let me modify my statement. First of all, I mean no disrespect to Walker Valley. They are to be commended for beating a much more talented team (Clinton). Walker Valley is the least talented team that I've ever seen in the semifinals, which is actually a tribute to their players and coaches. Clinton had the talent to be in the semifinals and should've been there, but didn't measure up in other ways
  9. You're assuming his ability to recruit was a one year phenomenon. Say what you will about him, but the man can recruit. The OR recruits didn't help him at all, but the recruits from Knoxville and Alcoa did a lot. He can do the same for years to come, if that's what he chooses to do. The win over OR will help him recruit even better, and reaching the third round won't hurt one bit
  10. I hope Bradley can somehow win this one, but my money will be on Oakland. However, it's a bet I hope to lose
  11. I wouldn't rule Keith out as the coach next year
  12. Maybe 4A, but not 3A. That would mean they beat Alcoa on a regular basis and I can't see that
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