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  1. gallatin has the best atmosphere cuz they dont have a track and their stands are literally 5 yards from the field... def had fun at their house in first round of playoffs last year..
  2. does anyone know why the number 2 seed gettysburg faced the number 1 seed salisbury in the d3 semi's? i just dont think cortland state deserved to be there at all.
  3. you're a week late and at least 31 points wrong.
  4. Houston's team was composed of mostly seniors this year. I think they are graduating a very strong core of their team, but I'm sure they will find some more guys to replace their shoes. But I believe their three leading scorers are all seniors..
  5. I'm going to have to agree with that too. Carver was overlooked when it came to all state voting. Carver has the quickest reflexes in the cage, from what I've seen. All in all I think he is definetly one of the top three goalies in the state. By the way did he get Defensive MVP in the Championship?
  6. No doubt Ravenwood will have a strong team next year. They will be returning all of there starters except for Sterling Perkins (D) and Devin Walline (LSM). Ravenwood had a strong junior class this year who will hopefully step up as seniors next year.
  7. Finally the 2006 Playoff Bracket is in. What are your thoughts? Who's gonna bring home the hardware? #1 UVA Notre Dame #8 Georgetown Navy #5 Syracuse Harvard #4 Johns Hopkins Penn #3 Hofstra Providence #6 Cornell UMass #7 Princeton UMBC #2 Maryland Denver
  8. honestly i think you two can stop talking in third person.
  9. with the increase of teams moving up to d1 and the expansion of lacrosse in tennessee itself, is there a chance of having more than 3 all americans in the near future?.. does anyone know the rules or ratio on how many players there has to be for every all american?..
  10. i believe that ravenwood's john kho is one of the best cover defensemen in the division. he's quick and has very controlled checks. biased i know but i still believe that from what i've seen and what i've been up against that he is one of the top close defensemen in the state. just thought id throw that out there.
  11. i second that. it was a big win for us but it's behind us now. winning by one goal in one game does not advance us to finals and we know that. webb and mccallie this week.
  12. ravenwood has a lot of depth. a few potential all american candidates in a few different positions. theres no certain star on the team because of the depth, so that in a way takes away from some of the recognition that many of the players should be recieving. but ravenwood could (depending on the rest of the season), potentially produce an all american.
  13. so in other words mccallie did have the game under control up until that valient 13 man comeback attempt?
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