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sparta boy

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  1. sparta boy

    Cumberland Co. @ White Co

    White county did look improved white county 31 7 winner!!!!
  2. sparta boy


    Mike breeding hands down lol!!!4 the kids that get on here and players talk to your friends get them to come out football is a great sport and you have a coach who is fun to play for so lets get the numbers up.It looks like pee wee football numbers are thriving alot of kids out may take a few years but hopefully it will all get turned around.You guys have improved this year play hard every game and thats something you can be proud of.
  3. sparta boy

    White Co. @ Warren Co.

    Congrats white county im gonna pick against ya every time!!!!!
  4. sparta boy

    Payne Denman... Its simple really!

    If he plays as well as he can everyone including smith is playing 4 second.
  5. sparta boy

    White Co. @ Warren Co.

    Hope your right ill say warren 28 white 6 prove me wrong boys.
  6. You have no clue as usual,everyone is always on here talking about how well white county travels in basketball and your right if football was winning crowds would be crazy but we are not anyways heisman good to see another season of your stupidity looms.
  7. The word support should never come from the mouth of a cookeville fan!!!!Pre joslin years you could here a crickett fart at cookeville home games and crowds at basketball were never there so this statement has no merit.
  8. sparta boy


    cookeville 2 and barbecued life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!what time is the white county game monday?thanks in advance.
  9. sparta boy


    Cookeville give credit ha!!!!!!!!!!!They only think they exist no one else works hard etc etc.congrats white county good time to win a district game.
  10. sparta boy

    7AAA Scoreboard

    "they" the famous they is probably the kid or parents lebanon is solid and i see them as a strong 3rd or 4th in this tough district.
  11. sparta boy

    7-AAA 2007-2008

    2 in sub state one that made it to the boro if thats weak then your right.If your buying lunch im in.
  12. sparta boy

    AAA State Tournament

    Ridgeway white station oak ridge and antioch in that order.
  13. sparta boy

    7-AAA 2007-2008

    We were one game away from state idiot,wc got hammered we no this we were there unlike you and keep talking trash behind that key board speaking of cant back it up what happened to your girls and guys?Wow i dont no what to say except send me a private message and ill let ya no who i am we can meet up and talk.
  14. sparta boy

    Region 4AAA

    Lived here 1st 13 years of his life and is a good kid but who cares good luck !!!!!!!!!