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  1. Our Facility is coming along and hopefully will be done soon. We have a lot of young talent as our past 2 freshman classes did very well. so our Jr and SO class has a lot of talent and I do feel the coaching staff is making them better. LOD is right this will take awhile to get back. Many may not realize but Riverdale is the ONLY school in the county without a Middle school and I think an Elementary school. Our kids are coming to Riverdale not knowing anyone . That is ok though they try to keep us down and like always we are WARRIORS AND FIGHT OUR WAY BACK! That is how it is in life though isn't it . The road in life is never easy how you handle it is what matters most!!! GO WARRIORS!!!!
  2. As a RIVERDALE fan when it comes to girls basketball I will admit I am very spoiled. I do understand that what our girls have been doing hasn't been easy as they have a huge target on their back. I don't know much about Ravenwood as I have not seen them play but we are in the state tournament and everyone is good! As far as best players I don't know about other schools and other players everywhere but I have been around RIVERDALE for a long time and I would put Alexander in our top 5. She can do it all she can handle the ball she can shoot from outside and she can post up. I am glad she is on our team. Having said that personal accolades are nice but state championships are sweeter! What happened to Memphis Central? They returned a lot of players from last year
  3. the refs in our game let them play I liked the way they called it. I think both teams wish a fouled had been called here and there but they were consistent. Each team was able to get in the flow of a game and each team was able to play ball so I like them letting them play and yet keeping game in control as they did in our game
  4. It is much better to watch this team. The defense is good I know Dre is hurt but we have a lot of hats flying to the ball!!! I really like the direction of our program!! Spring Hill was good their back was very good I learned after the game he is a Georgia Tech commit he was legit I know we have a challenge ahead of us against Oakland and it seems like we have major injuries each week. However I know our staff will have the team prepared for the game. I have been real pleased with both Davis and Taylor Davis has been running hard and the QB has really been thrown in the fire and has responded well LOD I am so sorry that all of your health issues continue. you are in my prayers . getting old does suck I had knee surgery in October and Dr Johns told me I had to find another job which was a blessing in disguise as I really like what I am doing much better than Frito Lay but I had to do it because I was too old to get in and out of the truck with this knee Hope to see you at a game this season
  5. I heard he may be out for the year I don't have confirmation yet. have you gotten to go yet? we are looking better
  6. Have you been able to make a game? I missed this week. QB I have heard is out for the year. defense has looked really good. going to take some time but we are on the right track
  7. I'm pretty sure your guys will take that state championship any over some individual awards that done mean anything In the big picture Individual awards are other peoples opinion state championship is EARNED
  8. TSSAA overall does a great job . Remember TSSAA doesn't set the rules they just enforce them. As with everything in a huge group like this one there are going to be things you don't agree with but overall they are very consistent. I love high school sports and I have followed a lot throughout my years and I can honestly say I can not name 1 time where I didn't see their side or agree with the decision. Even ones that wet against my school or our student athletes
  9. That is part of the problem there is no zoning for a private school.
  10. I have faith that coach K and his staff is going to get the program back. it will take more than 1 year to do it though. I do believe by the end of year 3 that you will see that he has it on the right track. Last year I saw signs of improvement such as defense looked more prepared We didn't seem surprised by what the other teams did. Special teams was better overall (need a kicker) offense was improved and the team never quit even when they were down they would fight back. There is still some cleaning up issues with the program but it will start to filter and clear out. I like the direction but we all have to keep our eye on the bigger picture and that is building a program back and not just winning today
  11. different with a move from private school to public school. I'm sure the administration will have all of their T's crossed and Is dotted. From public to public it is more cut and dry but from private to public there are more stipulations
  12. I personally have not heard this but all of the girls have already been offered scholarships so if they wanted to move there then I'm sure they will. I do not know what the parents do for a living or what kind of career they have. On the other side of this is with our location we are close to many SEC schools driving distance to all if the move to Knoxville some of those road trips are a lot longer. Also they have Annie grown let her grow stay here and get the other 4kids grown. I am sure as a family they will sit down together and do what is best for them. Riverdale Lady Warriors will still have a lot of talent
  13. wanna share these rumors ? Or are you going to be coy? If the 2players wanna leave it's ok I'm sure 2other players would be willing to step up and take their place
  14. It was a fun year watching these ladies. Only in one game did I hear any opponent not appreciate our girls It was more funny than insulting. Lawrence County fans chanted overrated when down by 30. What a great season with some special players to watch. I am very blessed as a Riverdale fan to see the players we have had come through the past 10years now.
  15. Riverdale 94 and 04 teams were probably our best teams with the 01team not far behind When I was in jr high school I lived in Gallatin. I don't remember the year but Germantown came to and we were undefeated at the time Germantown absolutely destroyed us and the looked like a college team. This was early 80s. I wanna sat 82 or83. I think n 84 Overton put us out
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