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  1. wow1029

    Warren County denied

    I thought they did a Co-Op with Warren or is it White?
  2. wow1029

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Is King's Academy going to keep their interim coach?
  3. wow1029

    blount county recruiting office

    I recall years ago going to a Saturday game at Billy Blount.They were recognizing the Middle School Football team that went undefeated.Both Gary and George were at the game in front of me.They said hey let us hear it for the future.I said the future stars of Alcoa and Maryville.Basically Heritage and William Blount are JV teams of Alcoa and Maryville.
  4. wow1029

    blount county recruiting office

    Educate yourself on what the flag stands for and means rather than listen to a group built on a lie tell you what they think it means they scream racism when you correct them.Best one yet was a transfer to Alcoa from a East Tennessee High School."Hey man.I'm transferring to Alcoa.I'm going to stay with my grandma.She is pretty sick" What is wrong with her? "I dunno".What is her name? I'll pray for her!! "I can't remember but I get to play football for Alcoa" South Doyle started getting better in football because they started getting some players back who were playing at Alcoa,Fulton,AE and Maryville.
  5. If they are going to do that they might as well stay in the region.They are trying to avoid taking a beating.They should have let them play in the region where it will be Soddy Daisy,Lenoir City,Walker Valley and Rhea County.Then they could have scheduled 6 cupcakes and go 5-5 or 6-4.Perhaps upset Walker Valley and 6-4 or 7-3 and playoffs
  6. wow1029

    Warren County denied

    Where is the Van Buren County HIGH AD to run his mouth about this?
  7. Sure they would.They could have pulled off 1 upset win and got in the playoffs.In the very least played 6 cupcakes and beat at least 5 of them and finished .500!!! Better yet could have played 6 cupcakes half their size and win all 6 then beat 1 region opponent and finish 7-3 then get smoked in playoffs round 1
  8. Any new schools starting up football or opening up to start football next season?
  9. White County asked to be moved into the other 5A Region(Knoxville area?) that had 4 other teams in it since Catholic is leaving and were denied.Union County almost went this route and rebuilt their football program.
  10. wow1029

    Powell at West : Who you got?

    Had the kid transferred To Alcoa or Maryville he would immediately been eligible.i call total B.S.
  11. wow1029

    Powell at West : Who you got?

    LMAO @ 2 Blount County Schools talking about rules.My grandmother is sick.I had to move in with her.What is her name? What is wrong with her? Duh,I dunno!!! Why do the 2 other schools in Blount County have trouble getting good football teams? Because the few players they have that are good play for the 2 king schools in Blount County.All the down seasons South Doyle had? Those kids were suiting up for Alcoa,Fulton,AE and Maryville.Even a few to Powell
  12. wow1029

    GCA vs TKA

    I was told when he accepted the job another job he really wanted came calling so I guess his heart wasn't in it at TKA.I have zero respect for this big talker and hope he never gets another job
  13. wow1029

    GCA vs TKA

    I love the Lions.They worked so very hard to really build up a program that not so long ago had to finish half a game with 8 man football and their last 4 games playing 8 man with TSSAA Special approval.A Big Upset victory vs a school much bigger than them in Lenoir City in The Careacter Bowl got the ball rolling.The game wasn't as close as the score.From there the playoffs, then hosting a playoff game and winning a playoff game.Playing nose to nose with the best in the state and beating some of those teams.
  14. wow1029

    GCA vs TKA

    I heard the new TKA Coach is bolting at the end of the year.Looks like all the hard work Matt Lowe did there is all coming undone & TKA is going to revert back to it's old self.I'm sure all the public schools who wet their pants when Matt Lowe turned them from victims into victors will be ringing the phone off the hook begging them to play
  15. wow1029

    CLINTON @ SEYMOUR Sat Aug 25th

    Going to be a long year in Clinton.Lost to a bad team & barely beat another