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  1. If he wants to show how tough he is he should grab a helmet & pads but not a gun!!!
  2. King's has a lot of good, young talent and a great Coach.Seymour will win 45-21.King's is talking about going to state.I love the enthusiasm!!! Would love to see them win it all.I remember as Harrison Chilhowee they got crushed by Red Boiling Springs.They will be lucky to go 5-5.Seymour? 3-7 or 4-6 at best.Scott Gaylon quit on them but he is a assistant coach there now?
  3. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/crime/2019/08/16/nashville-east-high-school-football-jamboree-fight-gunfire-leads-arrests/2030050001/
  4. I know South Doyle had blessings from the local Native Americans to call themselves the Cherokees as did Sequoyah High the Chiefs.With both schools they did a big to do with ceremonies and at South Doyle a young girl came up with the Indian logo.
  5. Good for the community.Did they ever play? The people there are nice.We all laugh about the 666 prefix for their area phone.Macon people like RBS and joked years ago during their great run that they should let their 3rd stringers play for RBS.It would help RBS to into the playoffs back then and get those guys some playing experience.It was only a joke but we all collectively were like hmmmm lol
  6. I’d like to see 666 Macon play Red Boiling Springs in football
  7. Blount County All Stars East vs Blount County JV West
  8. Morristown.Going to be a beautiful school
  9. Anyone have a JV schedule for them & or know how things are going over there? I heard they are delayed/issues with Turf.I’m excited to see how it will go over there with the Lions.I’m guessing they will be playoff eligible next year
  10. 2 big name schools also do this without punishment
  11. I thought they did a Co-Op with Warren or is it White?
  12. Is King's Academy going to keep their interim coach?
  13. I recall years ago going to a Saturday game at Billy Blount.They were recognizing the Middle School Football team that went undefeated.Both Gary and George were at the game in front of me.They said hey let us hear it for the future.I said the future stars of Alcoa and Maryville.Basically Heritage and William Blount are JV teams of Alcoa and Maryville.
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