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  1. Eddie yah is fantastic player, his moves and speed are so deceptive that he can break down anyone, he just did a number on CAK who is ranked among the best in the state, i dont agree that science hill is in the top 10 in the state as ive seen from other posts but when it coems to indiviual players, eddie yah is in the top 5, He is one science hil player to finally getv recognized, ryan kind could have been the best midfielder in Tennessee last year, but went unrecognized, he lost his scholarship to memphis but one heck of a player was sad to hear he's not playin in college Yah is also only a junior
  2. I was impressed by both teams tonight, Yah played a great game up top for science hill, who played equally as physical if not a little more than CAK but this game could have gone either way, NUmber 8 you impressed me tonight with your work in the midfield i could understand the difference in the style we play over here, you have a good touch and i think u see the field very well, any team would gladly have you on their roster, congrats to science hill on your win, good luck to both o ya use ur head next time number8
  3. seriosuly, science hill is near the back of the line,
  4. you need depth to beat elizabethton
  5. No way on the way to state he'd face alot of very good teams, the best. it takes 2 or three decent players around him to create a state championship team, much less is he gonna play all the defense as well as all the offense, one player against 11 is how it'd be, where not talking rec. league here, these are the best players in the state
  6. Again Number8 it doesnt matter that you should have torn Apart Elizabethton, you didnt, why not just give credit to the cyclones and go on with the season, why make them look bad by sayin u should have torn them apart, do u think ppl will think less of you for not killing elizabethton, u are a well respected team and everybody knows that but u dont have anything for Farragut or Oak ridge, farragut beat elizabethon 3-0 last year, lets all show a little bit of respect for the smaller guy who is competing with the larger schools, from wht i saw last night as a more science hill fan, elizabethon is a very physical team, i myslef expected a blowout but those boys came to play
  7. How can you act like the reffs didnt see anything, i was at the game and the center reff called everything in favor of science hill, how many times did you get to take a free kick, and give the cyclones goalie a big hand for stopping 2 of your pk's...Im not even a fan of elizabethton and i can tell you that they deserve to be somewhere in those a/aa rankings, and you Number8 you didnt even get ther chance to score, u got shutdown the whole game and the way you talk bout yourslef on here youd think you where actually good, i didnt see anything out of you that impressed me or something ive never seen, ur teammate yah was pretty impressive though, the kid didnt trip you, so quit wining and play, you look like the kids from dobyns-bennet, the flops and the fakers...but good luck the rest of the season
  8. like i said he's very underated, not very well recruited my guess is one of the local colleges, like king or milligan, unless he tried to walk on somewhere
  9. i was once from nearby elizabethton and have kept up with east tenn. HS bball and i just heard that Star guard Derek Nave for Elizabethton who has been suffering from an ankle injury this season has got his 1000 pt against happy valley who cliamed they where gonna stop D-nave from scoring his 11 pts he needed to get into quadruple didgets in scoring, O ya HV he had 10 in the first quarter, finishing with 22, Elizabethton i kno has suffered as a team but big props to Derek, he is very underated and after watching him in the arby's classic i would put him as one of the best jump shooters in Tennessee ...he has a clean stroke and incrdedible first step and some mean handles, not to mention he can his ups. Congratulations Derek
  10. I'd take Wayne And Willie over Joshua Bone and Brandon Wright for my team any day of the week...Both are good but combined Bolivars two stars are a better pair, BA's better with 5
  11. Tyler smith got into trouble with the NCAA when they found out that Buzz Peterson was paying rent on tylers apartment, my guess is thats the only reason tyler smith was there, now that UT has a coach with CLASS in bruce pearl he must have known that pearl wouldnt be payin rent for even Lebron James... Bruce Pearl For Coach of The year?? Agreed??? Vols Tournament Bound and not the NIT
  12. i have friends at elizabethton, they only lost 3 seniors to last years PK shootout loss to Lenoir city which would have sent them to state, why no love for elizabethton
  13. Just wondering where bolivar Central post transferred in from? and also why did tyler smith leave giles county to attend military school? Where did Cunningham the white guy from white station end up goin to college? i belive he graduated with J.P. Prince last year, just some thoughts
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