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  1. This NS fan is just sick because I cannot attend the game tonight. Unfortunately, that means that NS best ballman is not going to be there either - his football team plays its bowl game tonight. I hate to miss the tailgate party - I think it sounds great. And for those NS fans who didn't go to the East game last year at OM, you are in for a big surprise. What you hear is right...DO NOT eat before you get there, because if you do the smell of the grills will drive you crazy and you will just wind up eating again. Best of luck to North Side....Go Indians !!!
  2. Does Liberty have anybody that can stop Mann? In fact, I haven't seen any 1 person who could stop him...it has been taking two or three.
  3. Two JMCSS teams battling it out for a play off position, Who wins this one and how?
  4. IMO NS has improved so much during this season that if we played all year like we are now, last Friday nite would have been for region title instead of this Friday nite. NS does graduate some good lineman, but it seems like the team is built up enough now that there are more to take their place. It is our linebackers that will take the biggest hit. But we keep our QB, Mann, and his back-up, who prob should be getting a lot more time now. I think it would be great to see Mann and Cole both out of the back field - that would keep the defense on their toes. The title of this post is disciplined vs. undisciplined. I think it depends on which half you saw Friday nite as to which team you're referring to.
  5. I, unfortunately, had to leave during the outage because my youngest had an early game on Saturday so I needed to get him home. In the game I saw during the first half HC scored off of 2 NS turnovers: an interception and a fumble. Yes, NS fans feel that without those the game would have been different, but that is how it goes, you MUST take care of the ball. What many people don't know is that this is the QB's 2nd year to play organized football, so as he learns more about the game he can only improve. HC did a good job of keeping Mann well below his average, but , as I said earlier, I think HC gained some respect for our back. I have always had respect for the HC faithful - they post more on this site than any other team probably. I was shocked about how sparse the stands were considering it was senior nite and all. And the HC fan that walked under the visitor's bleachers to blow his air horn needs to get a life. But HC fans have always been loyal to their team. Who else would sit in the driving rain last year at NS like you all did. Even after the PA announcer suggested you move to the home side so the rain would not be blowing in your face, you stayed in your stands behing your team. I really got on this site hoping to find congrats from both sides on a game well played and best wishes on their lfinal games so that both teams might meet again in the playoffs, but I did not find that. So I will say: Congrat's to HC on a good region win. Good luck next week against Munford. I hope to meet up with you again in the playoffs. Congrats to NS for having a great showing against the #4 team in the state. Take care of business against Libertyand enjoy your time in the playoffs.
  6. It's raining right now where I am in Jackson. What does it look like in Paris? I will say this, whether NS wins or loses, I think HC will be impressed with C Mann. I have known him for years, he is a good kid with some things that could have made him gone the wrong way. I am proud of how he is playing, but more importantly of how he is as a person.
  7. I haven't been on this site much lately...I guess since mine graduated last year some of the excitement has left and gone to Knoxville. But I knew Yanker would have a topic for this game, and you didn't disappoint. First let me say do not be too hard on Coach Hampton. My son played for Massey for 4 years prior to this one and he only had a coaching staff of 3 to prepare for Friday nites. It does make a difference. This year he has a complete staff of 5 and it shows in their preparation. The players just get more instruction and attention with a full staff. Hampton has no control of that. On to North Side, C. Mann hurt his knee in the Hardin Co. game and I haven't heard how he is this week. But don't get too excited, the youngest of the Cole brothers (remember Antonio and LaRico) is his back-up. But I expect Mann to play. The NS quarterback improved greatly, but had a setback in the Hardin Co. game. I look for him to be back on track Friday nite. Both teams need a region win in the worst way. JCM wants to revenge last year's loss, but NS sure wants to beat JCM at the rock. I think NS wins by 14.Could these players in the stands last Friday nite have been the Freshman team? Are you sure they were varsity players?
  8. I received an email from the Jackson-Madison Co. School System about a week ago seeking applicants for the South Side High School head football coaching position. I have looked in The Jackson Sun and have seen nothing about Coach Hayes leaving. Is Coach Hayes still at South Side or has he left or retired?
  9. 58Indians22


    The dugouts at our field are totally open to the field with no fencing or netting to protect the players. THis is how the coach wants it. Many of our parents feel like our players need protection and are even concerned about liability if someone gets hurt in the dugout from a foul ball. Our parent's club cannot afford any kind of lawsuit it we are liable. The coach says he wants the players to be able to take the field quickly and and that is why he does not want the fencing - he feels it will interfere with this.
  10. Congrat's to Gwen Delk on her selection as Miss Basketball. Best of luck at Central Arkansas. I've known you for many years and you are a precious young lady.
  11. This thread was started to congratulate the North Side Lady Indians on a great season and wish them luck in the tournament. If they play like they did Saturday nite in substate NOBODY can beat them. I'm not sure, but I don't believe any Upperman fans were there and saw the level of play that North Side demonstrated. If you want a thread to bash North Side and region 7AA - then start you one. But that is not what this thread is for so if you can't stick to the topic gett off.
  12. Jackson's 101.5 is covering the North Side and Trinity games. The Lady Indians appreciate their support.
  13. I must have missed something here. I thought you went to the state tournament this year based on how you played this year. Stop living in the past. Region 7AA is the best in the state and we play hard against each other and have a lot of respect for each other. I know many fans of this region are supporting the North Side Lady Indians and hoping that we bring the Gold Ball home to the region.
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