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  1. RedRaider#1

    Injury before senior season can anything be done?

    Participation the previous calendar year isn't the only issue here. The eight semester rule comes into effect. Once a student enters ninth grade, they have an eight semester clock that starts to run. It sounds like this year is this athlete's seventh and eighth semester, so his eligibility ends at the end of this school year.
  2. How did that turn out?
  3. RedRaider#1

    Playing Junior Varsity and Varsity rules?

    No, the rule you posted didn't quite say that. It said nothing about "same day/same night". Nor did it provide any guidance for, if that is the intent of the rule, when JV and varsity rosters may be changed. What if a guy started varsity Tuesday but didn't start varsity Friday? The rule you quoted says nothing at all about same day/night, which is why I believe the intent of the rule you quoted is at the other end...to be inclusive. This would not be the first area where the TSSAA handbook is vague. On the other hand, this is from the preamble: "At the junior varsity or B-Team level, the only eligibility rules that apply are those in Sections 1 (Enrollment), 2 through 4 (Academic Rules), 5 (High School Graduate), 6 (Eight-Semester Rule), 7 (Repeating Rule), 8 (Eighth Grade Participation), 9 (Age Limit), and 10 (Physical Examination and Parental Consent). At the varsity level, all eligibility rules apply."
  4. RedRaider#1

    AAA Region/Substate Predictions

    Cleveland? Uhhh...no.
  5. RedRaider#1

    District 8-AAA all district

    There were no ties.
  6. RedRaider#1

    The best tournaments?

    How about Huntsville, AL? Any good tournaments in N. Ala?
  7. RedRaider#1

    The best tournaments?

    What are some of the better regular season tournaments in the Memphis or Knoxville areas?
  8. RedRaider#1

    District 8-AAA tournament

    my source is reliable. u want a name...ask your coach.
  9. RedRaider#1

    District 8-AAA tournament

    just curious...what kind of coach does LC (and their parents) honestly expect to get when they pay the coach crap? i understand the lc coach only made about $350 total to coach BOTH the boys and girls...compare that with $2000-$3000 that a coach makes at other schools in the district for coaching only one team. some people honestly have no clue. the lc team i saw was as well coached as any team i saw all year. my money says the next guy will do worse...not better. i also understand that he had parents trying to get him to throw the lc-cc game cause they didn't want to play t-homa first. absolutely no class.
  10. RedRaider#1

    TSSAA Issues Sanctions on Tullahoma

    Either Franklin, Coffee, or Lincoln could easily finish second. Columbia can't because they've finished district play. Lawrence is mathematically out of 2nd. You're right though...it's the team that finishes second that gets hurt. I guess the second place team won't be taking that first round game for granted!
  11. RedRaider#1

    TSSAA Issues Sanctions on Tullahoma

    As I understand the situation, Tullahome only forfeits the games the guy played in. The win against Columbia and the tie with Shelbyville stand, I believe. They finish with 4 points, but still in last place. 1. Shelbyville 16 2. Coffee 7 2. Franklin 7 4. Lincoln 6 4. Columbia 6 6. Lawrence 5 7. Tullahoma 4 Coffee still has Franklin and Lincoln. Lincoln also still has Lawrence. This is no blessing for the team that finishes second, as they will play Tullahoma in the first round. Too bad it's not an 8 team district!