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"What is purpose of HS sports?"


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I think most people involved in high school sports have a 'what's in it for me and mine' perspective going in.  The parents want their kids to get a college scholarship in athletics.  Coaches want to win at their respective sport and require year round dedication to attain that goal.  AAU and travel ball have dug their hooks too deep into our young 'student-athletes'.


Many of the kids that go on to play college ball come back either disenfranchised with 'the next level' or realizing what they missed in high school chasing a dream that, once they caught it, didn't stack up to their high school experience.  Let em play!  There aren't any kids falling through the cracks because they played multiple sports or didn't play AAU one summer or gave their arm a break during the fall.  I think the perspective is whacked in many instances.


The purpose of high school sports is to have fun, enjoy the high school experience and gain insight into life lessons such as team work, fair play and goal oriented work ethic.

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High school sports, at least for public schools, allow students to develop skills in a sport they enjoy for free. Specifically in high school, sports can be a gateway to being a collegiate student-athlete, possibly with scholarship.

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