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AA Sectional 2017

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@Kazam37  Everything I posted is accurate!  I have talked to every tournament director and all the results are correct.  Those teams I listed will be present at the East TN Sectionals.  

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Last Night's Winners:


Area 2 East - AA




Norris over Oneida

Huntsville over SMMS


Thursday's Games @ SCHS:


4:45 - Norris v. SMMS - Girls Consolation

6:00 - Oneida v. SMMS - Boys Consolation

7:15 - Oneida v. Huntsville - Girls Championship

8:30 - Norris v. Huntsville - Boys Championship

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Well there are enough people on here......who is the favorite?  Last year it was Holston and they covered everyone's expectations.  I think this year everyone has a better chance....unless I missed something.



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I think you are right in that those two are the favorites, but I think Northview and Wartburg both can win as well.  It is hard to simulate Holston and HV size, but Northview has a lot of post players and can throw a bunch of them at Holston.  Feel like Holston may have a little more punch in the guard positions.  I would give the edge to Holston by about 4.  Wartburg has good quickness, but they will be hard pressed to cover HV's length.  If Wartburg finds the three ball falling they will be right there with them.  Still, HV is playing real well and their press is going to produce some turnovers at some point.  Last game though it didn't happen until the third quarter.  Slight edge to HV by 3.



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New Center is pretty well coached and they tend to throw numerous sets at you, which makes them hard to prepare for.  I would think they have a bit of an advantage over CH, but so far I have been impressed with CH's best player (#5) who works hard and keeps showing up at the right place at the right time.

Rush Strong should beat Holston unless Holston shooters start hitting the three.  They seem to live by that shot and if it isn't going in then they may struggle.  RS has already had a scare and my guess is they will be a little better adjusted to the noise and crowd.  Go with RS by 8 in that one. 



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