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So you are saying that a coach is willingly playing less talented athletes just because of the club they play for?  So skill and being coachable isn't considered-just club?    I've been around coaching for 20 years and I can honestly say I've never seen a coach play a less talented kid without reason.    I love those parents who blame "politics" on playing time.  

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I'm saying that both coaches have daughters who play, both coaches are high up in he K2 food chain, and both coaches are ONLY coaching because a couple of K2 parents ran the previous coach who was fantastic off, during the middle of the season.  They let him finish and they had a top 4 finish in the State.  These coaches are nice and kind men.  Do not get me wrong, but to say there is no politics going on is crazy.  Can you honestly say the best players are playing in the best positions, or getting the most sets?

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Respectfully, Clifford, being "around" coaching and actually coaching a school, as opposed to a club is different.  In club you pay and everybody gets to play.  In high school, everyone should be on the same playing field, and just because you don't play club, or play for a certain club, should have zero effect on your playing time.

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It is def different, I have coached both.  But you aren't answering my question.   I also agree that playing for a club, or playing club at all should have no affect on play time.  It is rare for a kid that does not play club can compete against a kid that does play club.   But what you are saying is that the coach there is intentionally not playing certain kids, who are more talented, just because they play for K2.   I have never one time met a coach that refused to play more talented kids for good reason....coaches want to win.  Not saying it hasn't happened, I am sure that it has.    Part of my push back is because some of the ridiculous posts I have read of yours in the past.  If this is actually happening--and I sincerely hope that it isn't, I can't imagine that coach being around very long. 

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