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The Football and the Flag

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Boy oh boy what a crazy few days it has been in the media.  People burning jerseys, ginving away season tickets, vowing to never support the spots teams, coaches or nfl, all over the protest that began as one man sitting during the anthem.  IWhile this is where we o to get away from polittics I want to share a quick thought and then I will be done.  As I reflect on what the President said I flinch a little. Why, you might ask? Because I believe that a President should be able to get his points across in a way that should never have to be bleeped out or couoldn't be repeated verbatim by a second grader without recourse. But I digress. My concern is what will this protest lead to in High school ahtletics?  The NFL players have rellied around the idea that this is protest is about police brutality, equal rights, oppression racisim and all things negative.   While I understand the freedoms and viewpoints, I completely disagree with the vehicle.  Our flag is an inanimate obbect. It is nothing more than millions of fibers woven together much like te fabric of our society. The difference is that those in the flag are incapable of hate, violence , racisim, biggotry or oppression. All of those things require an emotional attachment to drive that behavior, and everyone knows flags have no emotion. If we ever expect to see this change then the protest happens in our own homes in what media we allow, what music we play, and what we see as entertaiment. To stamp out these terrible things it requres the human effort to change within ourselves.  

In saying that we also have to hold our young men accountable to what we know to be good, just and respectful. Alot of men and women died to protect the very freedoms we all enjoy, even the right to protest.  Teach them that in order to really make a difference and change the world around us, the first thing we have to do is take ownership and with ownership comes pride.  TYou can be proud to be an American and still have regrets for the way certain things have gone. But if we accept that the only time we will show honor and pride is when things are the way we want it, we will never all stand again. I pray that great coaches across our state have taken a minute to let these boys know why it is important to show respect, even when things aren't perfect. 

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