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District 9-A (21-22)


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1 minute ago, phil24 said:

Cornersville bball is on the rise.

I believe City missed the freshman being out in the MC game but still a gutsy performance by MC.

Last weeks win vs Huntland was first win in district since 2019. Eagleville is struggling

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4 hours ago, ecu said:

Fayetteville not as dominate as expected and other four are all about the same. Everyone must come ready to play.

Yes. I thought they would be much better. Pure player effort and hustle can win alot of these games for every team.

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On 2/2/2022 at 6:36 AM, phil24 said:

MC with big win last night.

Only position decided for tournament is Fayetteville at #1. Eagleville could still finish as high as 3. Should be an entertaining tournament.

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    • I would put Elizabethton 2 and I would have Gibson County in the top 5 somewhere and Loretto in the top 7. Gibson County’s varsity went 6-1 at MTSU and has had a very strong summer camp. Got some improving to do but they are ahead of schedule now. They had the best MTSU camp I have seen since I have been going. Greenville I have heard good things about and could be a top 5 and Huntingdon has played well this summer. Lots of really good teams in Tennessee this year. Also what Page?? And Huntland will give fits to teams in Single A this year.
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    • That’s what we do in Georgia. 
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