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  1. New club team

    The Alliance 131s went undefeated and won their division two weekends ago. The 132s finished 6th out of 9 teams. The 141s finished second and the 142s third out of 15 teams. It is hard to compare apples to apples here. The Alliance teams faced essentially all the teams in their age group from Alliance, Union and Tsunami... with a another club or two sprinkled in the14s. Basically a bunch of 2s, 3s, and 4s teams. Meanwhile the K2 tourney that TPV participated in was all 1s teams from a much greater variety of clubs. In fact, TPV was the only club to enter two teams in the 13s and 14s from what I could tell. We will see how it goes as Alliance faces greater competition down the road. But unless they play each other; which is highly unlikely, we probably won't really ever know.
  2. New club team

    I honestly think it went about as expected with the 15-17s. But TPV should be very encouraged that their 131s finished 2nd and 132s finished 4th. That's the strength of their club right now with the mass exodus of Alliance girls who bolted in that age division. Both their 14 teams made it to gold. Sounds like a pretty good opening to me.
  3. New club team

    These recent posts are good stuff. Glad to see some activity. A few random responsive thoughts. Being a legitimate ones player is definitely in the eyes of the parents. It's my understanding that the spreading out of talent in the 13s and 14s at TPV is to give the girls the chance to grow as players as their bodies mature. The knock on Alliance has been that once a ones player in 12-13s; the greater likelihood you will be a ones at 17-18. At least there is movement within age divisions and the chance to make the ones team later at TPV. I think the reason Alliance does so poorly in the older age groups is that the players have never had to overcome adversity and failure when younger. They don't know how to fight and compete. Before we bash TPV's schedule let's not forget that Alliance is not even two years removed from that disaster that was the SPL. Those four "tournaments" kept the girls from being exposed to a lot of college coaches. Beating up on Choo Choo , Ethos, etc did nothing to help the girls. I believe it's why the current group of college freshmen and high school seniors are so under-committed. They weren't properly exposed and critical times thus forcing a lot of really good players to take D2 offers or D1 walk-on offers at in-state programs. TPV is putting most of their ones teams in open at Bluegrass and is also going to JVA World and AAUs in Orlando. They have the SP network to help promote them. The power league they are in is a lot more competitive and organized than the SPL ever was. I think for year one of a Club it's a better than expected schedule. Lastly, the parents I have talked to at TPV are thrilled with what's been going on. Conversely, there are older Alliance girls jumping ship to other clubs in the past few weeks. Clearly Alliance is concerned based on the pre-tryout letters that were sent to the AVC families, the over-done and never- before- done self promotion of their coaches and athletes, and the letter that was sent this week to the AVC families. If the Alliance product is so good, then TPV will never be anything more than Ethos or Club West. But I think this is going to be more of a MAVA/ KIVA situation. If that happens, then volleyball in Nashville wins with two big clubs fighting to get better each and every year.
  4. New club team

    And I agree with all your posts above. It's about training, coaching, and competition within the age groups. The problem I've seen is that Nashville can compete against similar sized clubs in the younger age groups. Sometimes even with the big dogs like A5. But as they get older the lack of quality training, quality coaching, and having to fight to keep a spot on a team affects things greatly. It will fun to watch what impact TPV has on the dynamics here. Can they deliver on their training and team selection processes? Time will tell. The immediate benefit is that it is making the other clubs work harder than ever. Everyone wins in that scenario. It will also force some natural selection finally. CW had to combine their 17s and 18s as well as their 15s and 16s. Plus they lost some key people to TPV. So the wheels are already in motion. I look forward to watching how it all plays out on the travel courts this upcoming season.
  5. New club team

    If what you're hearing about the director is salacious. Then it is not true. That relates to another person within the SP historical tree. DD, the director of Tennessee Performance is not associated with anything personally or professionally negative. He coached the Sports Performance 161s. Tennessee Performance is directly affiliated with Sports Performance. This is, from my understanding, their third southern branch. Southern Performance out of Birmingham, will start their third season. Atlanta Performance is starting year two. And now Tennessee Performance is about to kick off their inaugural season. They will play out of the Field House. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. Alliance took a hit in the younger ages with some talented girls leaving for TP. Not so much in the older age groups. I would imagine this new club will have a serious impact on Club West, however.
  6. AAA bracket is set

    Siegel's setter can get clean balls to her outside hitters.
  7. AA Sectional Matches

    I am just going to make this about the AA bracket now. Portland has a walk thru the first two matches. Conversely, Signal Mtn vs Catholic was a terrible draw for both teams. TSSAA has to do better than that. The winner gets an aggressive and talented Camden team in the second round. I'm going with a Portland vs. Signal Mtn championship with Sig Mtn winning it all.
  8. AAA bracket is set

    This will be interesting today. Ravenwood got the toughest first round match with Collierville. They should win. But then they get Siegel. As noted above, Siegel has a great libero and IMO the best defensive OH in MJ. I also agree though that their weak spot is blocking. Can Ravenwood take advantage of that? The one thing I've noticed is that the Raptors are very inconsistent. I think their libero is top notch as well. Big setter advantage to the Stars though. Regardless, I still see the championship match being Brentwood vs. Hardin Valley with the Bruins repeating.
  9. A State Tournament

    I like Summertown to win it all as well.
  10. 2017 Season underway

    You are correct. The difference though is that the old Wilco tourney was run by Brentwood. That one is dead. This is a reincarnation of that tourney. The coach at Summit started it about four years ago. Started small with games played at Summit and Spring Station. It's been growing every year. Franklin and Indy have been co-hosts as well for the past few years. I believe this is the first year it's been all under one roof at AGame. Could be wrong about that. But it's growing for sure.
  11. 2017 Season underway

    Great post. Pretty spot on. Especially about Siegel spreading the ball around more. Round robin part two with Brentwood, Ravenwood, and Page this week. Should go a long way to determining the seeding for the district tourney. Another middle TN team to keep an eye on is Portland. Won the Rocky Top Classic this past weekend. None of the big east TN teams were there, But beat a few out of state teams on the way to the title. Station Camp finished 5th at that tourney.
  12. Early Bird Results

    Ravenwood beat Hardin Valley in three.
  13. 2017 Season underway

    I agree. It will be a very interesting year for BA. Best middle combo in the state in my opinion. Siegel has a very strong junior class. In fact, they have the three essential elements to being a very good high school team: a strong setter, strong libero, and at least one hitter who can be counted on to put a ball down. Those players are two legacies in sophomore setter Sophia Bossong and junior libero Julia Poarch. The hitters are juniors Julia Wheeler ( TN Tech commit) and MaKenzie Jordan who is making her way back from a torn ACL last year. The only other teams I've seen so far this pre-season who have that trifecta, besides Brentwood, are Hardin Valley with seniors Alex Kirby (setter committed to Texas Tech), libero Izzy Mitchell (libero committed to Troy) and OH Mandy Prescott and Page with senior setter Claire Behan (committed to Jacksonville State) junior libero Becca Condo (committed to Wingate) and junior hitter Lanie Vantrease. Interesting thing about those four programs is that all their setters are at least six feet tall. That's not to say there aren't other programs out there who are also very strong in those three areas. Like I've mentioned, Houston is very good led by their senior setter KaLea Davis. And Ravenwood will be also be led by two legacies in senior OH Vic Cerino (committed to UTC) and junior libero Laura Knott. It will be interesting to see how the setting shakes out. Will be key for them. Time to get it started!
  14. 2017 Season underway

    Siegel and Brentwood Academy showed up. Siegel beat Briacrest in two and BA beat Siegel in two. Siegel did fall in two to BB's All Powerful Logan-less Bruins, 19 and 23. Signal Mountain under-performed IMO thus leaving AA wide open. Looking forward to seeing how things shakeout next week at the Sunsphere Showdown.
  15. 2017 Season underway

    If anyone needs to measure their tone around here it's you. I haven't seen one person not give Brentwood their proper due. We are all well aware that your all powerful Bruins will win AAA state again. We are also all well aware that Logan is a great player. So is Nicklin Hames. She just happens to be on the same US National team as Logan so chill with the rhetoric please. As for J. Hames, I think you're a little out of line. He has posted once and it was to clear up some pretty damaging rumors. He wasn't on here pumping the tires of his K2 girls. And I can tell you that K2 is a much different organization than what the J's were running in Nashville. So chill with the assumptions as well please.