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  1. New club team

    When digging thru the google machine last night for a list of TPV coaches i came across this disturbing article. Creepy considering all of the sexual allegations across the country in the media currently. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tennessean.com/amp/514751001 If TPV is banned from USA Volleyball and AAU, what kind of competition will the club play?
  2. New club team

    I have yet to see a complete list of coaches at TPV. From what i hear, please correct me if I’m wrong, TPV is still looking to fill coaching spots. They’ve had a lot of success out of their original site in Chicago but none of their regional teams have been very competitive. CW was hurt the most. Alliance essentially lost one age group but that was easily the weakest age group Alliance had last year. Not sure how/if this did anything to Ethos.
  3. New club team

    High school ball is over for now. Can we turn to club ball for a post? Does anyone have the backstory on the new club in Franklin, Sports Performance? I keep hearing bits and pieces about the director but not sure what to believe.
  4. Franklin

    This kid will be a great fit for Ohio State. If anyone knows how to claim health conditions to quit a football team it’s Urban Myer.
  5. AAA bracket is set

    Seriously doubt it. Webb has lost to Hardin Valley twice and Siegel once. Brentwood easily handled them in the state. All due respect, it's pretty easy to look good in the lower private division.
  6. AAA bracket is set

    Tell that to my wife please
  7. AAA bracket is set

    You're right Clifford. Morgan is one of the freshman I mentioned and she is the smoothest player you can watch.
  8. AAA bracket is set

    Pretty much. What's scary is there are no seniors playing, the freshman class has two future all-state players, and the current 8th grade class has 2-3 players 6 feet tall who could be all-state in their time at Bwood. Not a stretch to think Bwood could win 9-10 state championships in a row once this run is over. Going for 5 in a row tomorrow. If Rwood can get to the finals they will give Bwood a tough match but I still believe Bwood will beat Rwood for the 6th time this year.
  9. AAA bracket is set

    Ravenwood might be playing their beat ball right now and that will get then to the championship match but they still do not have the players to beat Brentwood. In certain rotations, Brentwood will have 6 future D1 college players on the court at the same time. Bwood 3-0 over Rwood in the finals.
  10. Catholic has Knoxville's Top Player

    Could not agree more with you. K2 has been proven to have no clue. K2's director has been on these boards calling K2ruth out on the lies (I'm not calling it mis-information, they were lies)
  11. District Tournaments

    It's almost embarrassing how much talent was playing in the Williamson County tournament this week. My hats off to Page who was eliminated last night in a 5 set, winner take all, battle royale by a scrappy Ravenwood coach led by first year coach Abbey West. Page is 30 students over the limit for AA so they get move up to AAA and into the toughest district in the state. Page would hands down win AA this year if not moved. Ravenwood will make noise Brentwood is Brentwood and starting to really turn up the heat. Both these teams will easily advance next week. See you In the Boro soon.
  12. Catholic has Knoxville's Top Player

    Those numbers are pretty bad actually
  13. You should see the thongs the vball mom's wear!
  14. NCS @ BGA

    Welcome to DII
  15. NCS @ CA

    BGA will tear that NCS defense apart unless the head coach can make adjustments.