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Bearden and Farragut in State Finals

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RonMexico3    16

Most play club ball, but not all. Their best player last year, Jenny Roy did not as she was also a basketball star and now plays hoops for Belmont. I am 99% sure their outstanding libero this year did not play club last year and I think even the year before that. I also don't think their DS played club last year. But again, most of their girls do play club. Brentwood is a destination program right now whether they are moving in or getting grandfathered in. There is an amazing amount of talent in the freshman class. They are going to be real good for a while longer.

Agreed.  I know 3 families who are looking to move into the Brentwood district because of the school and the volleyball program.  All of the girls in those families are outstanding players for their respected clubs.  They are current middle school players looking to get in the system.

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beachboy    3

I guess it pays to have a great high school coach.  There have been several posts in the past that tend to make us think that the only good coaches are in clubs.  Way to go Brentwood!

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clifford20    3

99% of their kids have either played club, or still do--over the past decade or more.  Volleyball is an affluent game unfortunately.  That is why certain school systems dominate volleyball year after year.  Barbara is also a good coach, which makes that program even more impressive. 

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BullShark    9

Why would anyone assume that their small area rules? There is a reason Barbara Campbell has won so many championships and it has little to do with club "coaches" who have no idea of how to win decade after decade. Quit drinking the koolaid k2ruth and be around the game for 20 years before you tell everyone who is the greatest of all time.


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