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  1. BullShark

    West Tn Class A

    It was almost comical to see the bench discrepancy in the district semifinal game at Martin. Gleason had 14 players and their coaches on the bench and Dresden had 4 coaches and 2 reserves on the bench with 10 empty chairs flanking them.
  2. BullShark

    How do a 4th place team get POY & COY?

    I am sure she has plenty. She is a great player!
  3. BullShark

    West Tn Class A

    I don’t think he meant that statement how you took that statement. I can assure you, no one is taking anyone lightly (with the exception of Madison) at this point in the season.
  4. BullShark

    West Tn Class A

    Huh? Oddsmakers would say Gleason should win by 10.. They are the higher seed and most would agree the better team. Peabody has better athletes but unfortunately have a tendency to struggle shooting. If they play sloppy, they will get throttled!
  5. BullShark

    West Tn Class A

    If TCA takes care of Dresden and Greenfield can get by Madison ( I can't even type that without laughing hysterically) in the first round, the semifinal matchup is going to be one for the ages Two great teams going at it with a trip to the Boro on the line.
  6. BullShark

    How do a 4th place team get POY & COY?

    Where in my post did I say cheating a kid was necessary? Your coaches all hate each other and refuse to vote for another team's best player or their arch nemesis to win COY. The Lexington coach was a Miss Basketball finalist when she played and did not win POY if I am not mistaken. She fared just fine in her career at Ole Miss! The result is..... a good player, not the best, ends up with the most votes for POY. It is a team sport anyway. Individual awards mean nothing and will mean nothing to any non-winning players recruitment to colleges. Focus on the Region tournament and put this horse manure behind you!
  7. BullShark

    How do a 4th place team get POY & COY?

    Booing a kid is unnecessary and classless. There is no excuse for booing a kid when their name is called for an award and all eyes are on them. The kids don't vote on the awards the coaches do and there are obviously issues between several of the coaches which unfortunately will lead to skewed votes and perhaps good players, not the best, winning awards. But booing a kid is INEXCUSABLE!!!
  8. BullShark

    2018-2019 Miss Basketball Nominations

    There are a lot of politics and name recognition involved.
  9. BullShark

    West Tn Class A

    Agree on the Greenfield/Madison "bye." I don't think the winner of tonight's game will have too much trouble with Union City either, after that all games will be a war!
  10. BullShark

    What's with District 5A?

    Whitewall and Hardy Memorial won and yes they will be swept in the Region tourney.
  11. You will throttle Clarksburg and McKenzie. They are not even close to being contenders.
  12. BullShark

    West Tn Class A

    TCA has a very good coach and so does GC. It will be a battle of the minds tomorrow night. IMO, TCA has the better athletes on the whole but GC has better fundamentals, with the exception of #4 for TCA. It will be a battle of the coaches and their adjustments, IMO. Looking forward to it because the winner stays away from Greenfield and makes it to the Boro.
  13. BullShark

    West Tn Class A

    I guess we will see tomorrow night.....
  14. They are long and fast and well-coached. Don’t let Croppy poor mouth too much. They could easily be back in the Boro for the third straight year!
  15. Complete horse manure! Nobody’s job is on the line if they don’t win coach of the year. Pick a person, fairly and move on! The “snowflaking” of America played out in girls HS basketball. Let’s not hurt anyone’s feelings!