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  1. MrMiyagi’s 007 prophecy come true. Now MrMiyagi ‘ unsan musho ‘
  2. Old Wise Japanese Ninja say ” Yabu wo tsutsuite hebi wo dasu.”
  3. #2 Forsythe Primary MIF, Secondary RHP, athletic build, around 5’9” - 165, 3/4 arm action with arm side run, slider out of same slot, 80-85 mph FB, slider 76-79, sits 80-82, hits well, runs well, great baseball instincts
  4. #1 - Lamberth Primary RHP, Secondary MIF, long-athletic build, around 6’4” - 185lbs, low 3/4 arm action with arm side run, slider comes out of same slot, 85-90 mph FB, Slider 77-80 mph, he was burnt yesterday so you guys don’t have to worry about him pitching but hits well, runs well, great baseball instincts
  5. I will enjoy indeed. I will be there. BigEd told you a half truth. Stay tuned for a full scouting report with velo and pitches for TCA. The name is Bond - James Bond
  6. MrMiyagi would like to give peace offering to all that have battled this week. May the best team win. ReitzFan, disrespect our culture with Chinese funnies at your own peril. Okinawa is in Japan. wax on - wax off Agent 007
  7. Japanese culture prevents MrMiyagi form bringing light to himself. MrMiyagi bring light to students and today MrMiyagi bring lightning to student’s bats. Soft toss went extremely well - Danielson. Installation of crane leg kick was very pleasing to MrMiyagi. Exit velocity up 20% on off speed and 40% on FB.
  8. MrMiyagi no poster Danielson. MrMiyagi click on ThrowedRolls and see him boldly claiming him name. MrMiyagi much respect for ThrowedRolls for doing so. wax on - wax off
  9. MrMiyagi knows Throwedroll’s pitcher is not available. Which is why my students get to see SOFT TOSS from here on out. MrMiyagi thanks Throwedroll for teaching students humility and honor in defeat. Now off to give students swing lessons for today. Installing crane kick with our hitters as TCA pitcher releases ball - with very long load with hands. This should equal perfect timing as ball approaches plate and perfect balance as ball approaches trees.
  10. Intense do not try and trick yourself into believing we are not going to destroy the baseball today because we are. Full circle my little TCA num nuts. My students have prepared mentally last night on how to destroy this BP they are about to see. They will physically prepare for this BP at the field during pregame. ITS CALLED SOFT TOSS. (wax on -wax off)
  11. Well-well-well Danielson, tomorrow we come full circle. Today Miyagi see TCA burn up #1 - wax on Danielson. Next Mr Miyagi let students see 93-94 to better prepare for tomorrow’s ultimate battle - wax on Danielson. My master plan has paid off. Tomorrow MrMiyagi rewarding students with BP. WAX OFF Danielson WAX OFF
  12. Now that was the ultimate crane kick. Kid has a dynamite arm with great off speed to match. But MrMiyagi hitting school has these young men battle tested. 93-94 no match for us. Now it’s on to TCA, batting practice from here on out.
  13. Mr Miyagi no stay at hotel - Mr Miyagi make wrong call screw own team - Mr Miyagi tired been at park 4 houwa watching TCA hit 1-9 Good night TCA had 5 hits total are you kidding me. Why me make dat call me have no idea. Oh well maybe Loretto save #1 for TCA tomorrow. Din TCA still no make Championship Friday. wax on - wax off
  14. Danielson, good game. It takes a while to get the other umpires off to their next game. I thought I was going to be behind the plate but one of you num nuts turned me in so I got moved to the field. Then I got so hot and confused I made the worst call in the history of baseball. We had a double play and in my state of confusion, I hosed my own team. I will be under a bonsai tree praying for forgiveness. As for the hit 1-9 BS you num nuts were claiming TCA does. What a joke. 6,7,8,9 cannot hit good pitching and it was evident today. They were 1 for 10 as a group with 5Ks. That is a .100 batting average striking out 1/2 the time. Last I would like to apologize to the Grace family for my terrible call on that double play which handed the game to TCA.
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