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  1. Man-O-man, Old Pirates everywhere feel the pain & have been awakened by the passing of #40. Jimmy Wigfall was a magician with a football in his hands. It was great to see a Chattanooga Magazine had recently written a well deserving article on him. South Pittsburg’s Band of Pirates have been seriously hit with his passing. Many Pirates have played the game but none more talked about than Old # 40.
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  2. 2019-20 School year is over ladys Booger just sayin
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  3. Not sure if he resigned or was forced out. Great guy and teacher from what I hear just not a basketball guy. Former Lady Rebel standout Anna Trull is the clear cut favorite not sure if she has passed the teaching requirements needed. That was an issue at West Carroll her previous employer
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  4. We need to understand that sports is not that important when we are talking about the destruction of our country. Many won't be able to afford to go after the loss of jobs. A gold ball isn't everything!
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