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Everything posted by Kevin38

  1. Just would like to see the BW kid D-up instead of falling down every time Wiseman gets the ball down low.....
  2. Just giving y'all a hard time, yeah I agree, interested to see how the new coach does...
  3. There you go! #TeamSlow
  4. You just cant jack up that many 3s and miss and expect to beat a team like CA, just saying.....
  5. I don't believe standing holding the ball for minutes on in is really a strategy, just seems as if they are afraid to play because they feel the other team is better and they are avoiding playing, if you don't want a shot clock fine, but find some kind of rule to avoid coaches using this so called strategy, I don't understand why everyone is not pushing for one tbh, wouldn't be as big of an undertaking as some are saying.....
  6. Agreed, I really like that we picked up MC, the 2019 Jackets will return the offensive line and defense pretty much in tact, but as you stated will lose a lot of skill players to include Fatcat and our QB. I would guess #9 White will be featured at TB plus Springfield always has plenty of kids that can run. The question will be if the QB can pick up the slack from #32. #5 will be the starter from what I can tell, how he does will go a long way in determining how good the Jackets will be in 2019.....
  7. I rewatched the game today and noticed that they didnt stop throwing the ball because they were are a run heavy, 1st, or what have you team, and that is what got them there. They quit throwing as much after the 3rd or 4th series of the game in the 2nd qtr when the QB took a hard hit on a sack. It looked like he landed on his arm/shoulder and just was not the same throwing the ball after. HC is always well coached and I knew there was a better explanation than that is what they do and it is what got them there.....lol
  8. Great defensive line play by Knox Central, that is what won it IMO, HC does have the ability to throw the ball, they just didnt do it enough to get into any kind of rhythm. I get being run 1st but when they are stopping the run the way they were you have to throw the ball to open it up so you can run... Having said that, great game and was fun to watch!
  9. That is a pretty raw deal, those criticizing whose game went on as planned is bush league, fans of both teams last night have every right to be upset.....
  10. 6A was not weak at all, Oakland was just that good!
  11. Great game to watch, best of weekend so far, feel awful for the Covington kids, they laid it all out there, from the players to the coaches! Congrats to Alcoa, you had to work for this one!
  12. Could have a good game here if there arent a bunch of turnovers....
  13. I think the poll is based off of how good the teams are NOW, not in Sept, Oakland fans have the best perspective as they played both teams recently back to back, just saying.....
  14. Saying the better team didnt win is not taking anything away from the team that won, it happens sometimes, Cornersville practically dominated in every stat and lost by 1 point, that is a prime example where the better team lost. Having said that, it is more impressive to win a game against a better team, so really by saying this we are giving more Whitwell more credit..... I am taking nothing at all away from Whitwell, I watch every single game every year and this by far has been the best game I have seen. Whitwell showed great resilience and did what they needed to do to get it done, now I would have liked to see them miss the extra point so we could see overtime, the game went by too fast.....lol
  15. I was more so talking about the abundance of flags in the title games thus far, regardless if they are on the winning/losing teams.....
  16. Congrats to Whitwell, felt the flags came at the wrong times and as mentioned they miss the horse collar, best game of the weekend so far!
  17. Maybe you should Coach, you seem to have it all figured out.....lol
  18. I dont care if they got it, that was dumb.....lol
  19. Tempo tf out of them?.....Oakland's defense would smash them into repeated 3 and outs wearing their opponents defense out by the 3rd qtr and then having their way with them, pretty much what they have been doing to everybody, and your calling people ignorant.....
  20. Administer a defensive hold on the kick-off?; penalty declined and score is good, no way.....
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