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Everything posted by Kevin38

  1. Wouldnt at least some of the kids zoned for WWH go to WH if it wasnt there?; seriously someone with hard facts explain this because I thought that was the case as well...
  2. Yeah in no shape or form do I believe their freshman QB is as good as Brentwood's much more experienced QB, in fact I believe he's better than he showed last Friday, but Clarksville has size and good athletes, having said that they lose 42-7 this week.....
  3. Their defense is fairly stout, we had trouble running the ball but were still getting our feet under us offensively at the time and our line is pretty small... They do have a huge line on both sides, 2 D1 players with plenty offers (300 pounders), and the freshman QB is pretty good, strong arm and accurate, they were switching him out with the senior QB who is a better runner, not sure if they still are... They have the talent player wise to play with ya'll but I think ya'll are in their heads, they just can't seem to get it together against HC, for that reason I say HC wins by at least 3 scores..
  4. Yeah coaching is determined by how far you go in the playoffs, shall we compare, having said that, you don't believe anything you just said.....lol
  5. Yeah, without looking I am not sure their competition is all that great, could be wrong, but a somewhat tough game before playing Gallatin/Beech, would serve ya'll well.....
  6. I don't believe ya'll lose until the semis, if you lose at all, I think Gallatin will knock Beech off and that will be a great game. Getting a head I know, but if y'all don't have a big meltdown in the playoffs it's very possible.....
  7. Yeah I am not sure really either, he sure likes to chirp alot on all our threads, so regardless who his team is we are in his head.....lol
  8. You have not arrived if you dont have haters, also funny how we have some people salty over our coaches, but hey that is what being in folk's heads is all about.....lol
  9. The young QB grew up a little tonight, forget the numbers, they will come, the composure is the biggest thing.....
  10. Great game HC, didn't see this happening but that's why they play the game...
  11. Defense is ruling this game, that Brentwood punter is a beast!
  12. HC blocks punt and scores, 14-7 with 3:38 left in half, AND that's why they play the game!
  13. Don't like to complain about refs, but what in the world are they doing...
  14. Brentwood is very strong defensively, will be the best you have seen, they are good offensively, and well coached..... I am going to say Brentwood 34-13, give or take a score on either side.....
  15. This was more so a shot at Garry G than anything, not even sure if he's a WH supporter, having said that WHH will be a very tough game for WH however you look at it.....
  16. You will not get an inch from this fan base, might as well just let it go, I promise they would know exactly how many points you scored against their reserves.....lol
  17. Watched some of this online, OB is the real deal, Haywood easily played the best team they will see all year even if they make it to Cookeville.....
  18. I would just be happy with a win behind much defensive improvement.....
  19. BDP will get beat by WHH so I am not so sure they are thrilled, and no one is celebrating, just would rather take the lesson with a win opposed to a loss.....
  20. I agree will be a good game, but I believe the Green wave is for real and will edge out MJ 28-24...
  21. Had WHH out right missed the extra point and FG maybe you could say lucky, but we blocked them, that's on us!
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