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  1. It’s an example, and if you’ve ever been on a disciplined team you’d know too. Marshall county is the same way too.
  2. 1.) It happening more than once, and most likely in multiple games. 2.) Watching Pearl Cohn warmup during halftime and players not stretching, half the teams helmets on, other half off. Playing catch during halftime while coaches are talking. Like I said, a good talented team but there’s some discipline issues. Y’all are not the only team that has it either.
  3. I think Pearl Cohn has a very talented team, but I do see some discipline issue. No offense to the coaches, but a team like that you can’t be hard on or they’ll just quit. There’s for sure Cookeville potential there. Not quiete sure if they’ll make it tho
  4. Page’s toughest non region game is Lookout Valley.
  5. I don’t even think they’d be a 4th seed lol. That’s being generous. Marshall county waffle stopped them in the jamboree
  6. Page has a Mickey Mouse schedule, and are frauds.
  7. Not at all lol. Fayetteville is undisciplined when they actually start to get hit. Everyone knows that
  8. You’re higher than a kite thinking Alcoa couldn’t play up and win a state championship lol. PS if you’re a Cookeville fan I’m sorry that you support such a poverty school that loves to get waffle stomped.
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