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  1. plumb69

    The Streak is Over!!!!

    Barney I have heard that student body wise Walland is the smallest public school to win a gold ball in the playoff era. True?
  2. plumb69

    The Streak is Over!!!!

    Blount County won a gold ball in 1975, I think, when Walland beat White House, again I think, for the 1A championship. Walland has since been gobbled up by consolidation but three schools in Blount have won state.
  3. plumb69

    Mairvul goes two Okelund

    Belated congratulations to Oakland for the beat down. I was out of state and didn’t see the score until the wee hours of Saturday morning. I knew Maryville would have a tough time up there but did not expect the dominating score. That is one good football team. I saw the first game and thought this one would be a barn burner. Congratulations also to the Rebels on another fantastic season.
  4. plumb69

    TSSAA Wildcards

    Tried to read this but it made my head hurt. There are too many teams in the playoffs now and too many classifications. Fix that and I'll start paying attention to posts trying to improve the playoffs. The T$$AA wants your money not your sensible ideas.
  5. plumb69

    Farrah-Gut sales intwo tha Skeetur

    Congratulations Rebels.
  6. plumb69

    3/4 years

    I never count daHaven out this time of the year.
  7. plumb69

    mail it in

    Don't agree. Sure, in a couple of weeks Alcoa and Greeneville will probably be hoisting gold balls. But everyone else playing for fun? They will be playing to win and if they don't believe they can win they would not be playing at this time of the year. And if they do win what a story they will have to tell.
  8. plumb69

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Ain't that the truth and sometimes I resemble that remark.
  9. plumb69

    Cyunts Hil comes two 825

    Good luck Rebels. Nasty night for the fans, don't think the players mind. Safe travels back to upper east Tennessee for the Hilltopper faithful when this one ends. GO REBELS!!!
  10. plumb69

    Johnson County vs Unicoi County

    We covered all this last year, settle down. I didn't think the Vols would beat the Tide but I rooted for them anyway. Congratulations 'horns!
  11. plumb69

    Mairvul Heads two Brad Lee Centrull

    Good job Rebels. Real season starts next, lace them cleats up tight.
  12. plumb69

    Johnson County vs Unicoi County

    Well let's bring the marbles back to Mountain City. Then start playing for balls, gold balls that is. GO HORNS!!!!!!!!!!
  13. plumb69

    Mairvul Heads two Brad Lee Centrull

    And yes we are crazy. GO REBELS!!!!!!!
  14. plumb69

    Mairvul Heads two Brad Lee Centrull

    Good luck Rebels!