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  1. Same old orcat = K2ruth. Makes outlandish claims not substantiated by facts just to stir the pot. Nothing really wrong with it since this message board is dead, just surprised anyone still plays along although TT is a relative newbie. Was that Hames beat down on the Maryville thread so bad that K2ruth is permanently retired? Somehow I doubt it. I always thought orcat served as the more rational & reasonable ego but roles appear to be blurred now. City of Knoxville has 1 AA state title in last 4 years. Not saying it will happen again this year but South has 3 out of 4.
  2. South over CAK 3-0 http://www.timesnews.net/Sports/2015/10/15/Lady-Rebels-bound-for-Murfreesboro-after-sweep-of-CAK.html?ci=stream&lp=11&p=1
  3. South over TN High in 5 http://www.timesnews.net/Sports/2015/09/29/Lady-Rebels-survive-five-setter-with-Lady-Vikings.html?ci=stream&lp=7&p=1
  4. Is it possible that middle & west TN have moved on to more modern forms of social media and the only people left on coachT are east TN fossils? Yeah, I know that makes me a fossil but I already knew that.
  5. 7 out of 8 without seeing any of the 16 teams play. Not very difficult.
  6. So, Bearden did hold DB to 15. In game 5.
  7. Knox Catholic over South 3-2.
  8. CoachT scoreboard says DB over Bearden 3-2. How do you win 3 games if you can only score 15? Maybe AC would have fared better. If only they could make it past AAA regional semi's. Ever.
  9. Regional winners (home teams) win 80-90% of these matchups for good reasons. So, without seeing any of these teams I can easily pick at least 7 out of 8 sectional winners. Let's go with Jackson South Side as the only road team to win AA sectionals. Sounds like Knox Catholic has a good shot, too, but can't pick against the defending AA state champs to exit this early.
  10. So, the last time region 2AAA (Knoxville) sent TWO teams to state was NEVER. Look it up on the TSSAA page if you don't believe it. South moving down to AA helps region 2 but to predict DB won't get to 15 playing at home is a big stretch. TH will have 20 kills.
  11. State??? AC hasn't even made it to substate aka sectionals since moving to AAA 6 years ago. Farragut is the measuring stick for AAA volleyball in Knoxville. Half a coach and year-round/club players will beat 3 coaches and part-time/non-club players any day.
  12. When was Bearden 3rd in the state? They finished 4th in 2012 (behind Ravenwood, Brentwood, & Sullivan South) and didn't make it to state in 2013. Shouldn't you be logging in as k2ruth soon to argue with yourself?
  13. http://www.johnsoncitypress.com/article/113438/theft-probe-sidelines-hampton-teacher-coach
  14. Isn't it easier to move hitters around to avoid a 6'6" RS than a 6'6" MB? Granted you need a good pass for it to work, but a team that can't pass probably won't win state anyway.
  15. orcat = k2ruth proof: for years orcat was reasonable orcat was secretly jealous of AC success orcat needed another personality to admit fondness for AC k2ruth was born to expound on greatness of AC AC has flopped in AAA so k2ruth seeks a new winner to follow orcat comes back as unreasonable OR poster k2ruth emerges as voice of Knox VB reason PS - district ties are broken however the district agrees to do so - no TSSAA involvement
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