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  1. I’m neither a Cyclone nor a Wildcat…I’m a Bulldog from Hampton…and there is NO WAY you can say that about him…kid is a winner and has the hardware to back it up! Great career…
  2. I would have to go with the ‘96 team…had to go to Webb…outgained them by 300 yards but had 6 turnovers to lose 28-19…Webb won State with ease…
  3. Best team I’ve ever seen play at Hampton…period
  4. I agree Pujo…too notch programs both…hope Ole3putt comes up…safe travels for all the TC faithful…
  5. I’ll be there…hope you are too 3putt !
  6. Hope it’s a better game than that one was…that TC team was near flawless…
  7. Just read that this game was cancelled?? Any info ?
  8. King, tell your girls I said Congratulations & good luck !! Don’t be satisfied
  9. The future is bright for the Lady Landers in softball...best of luck
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