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  1. Or you could say; SH's "lack" of special teams play kept MtP in it. Other wise it could have been a blow out.
  2. Prayers from Spring Hill for the family, friends, team mates, and the community.
  3. Encourage kids to play multiple sports.
  4. Cumberland's spring game is Saturday 4/26 at 11 am.
  5. http://www.examiner.com/article/jason-hoath-resigns-at-mt-pleasant-hired-as-columbia-dc Here's a link/story from the examiner. Still kind of strange local paper isn't reporting on it?
  6. Something about this seems fishy? I wonder if the Director of Schools has something to do with it, since everyone knows he's partial and plays favorite to Columbia Central.
  7. Angry Bird, A lot of people/student-athletes don't realize how much opportunity there is out there for young men to continue their football careers and get part/all of their education paid for. There are 150+ Division II schools, 230+ Division III schools and 90+ NAIA schools that sponsor football teams.
  8. Any of these colleges can provide a great education and degree.
  9. That's a pretty neat thing that GHS and BSN is doing. You are to be commended. Some very good schools with good football programs on that list as well.
  10. Good Luck to my old friends down in Giles County. Pulling for you guys today.
  11. Was the game over when he got tossed? If so, then does the ref even have the power to eject him if the game is over?
  12. This will be unpopular; MCHS should be banned immediately from any further post season play. They should have to reimburse TC and the TSSAA for any gate $$ lost. Any games where it's shown they had information on a team that was stolen should be forfeited. Any coaches directly involved or who knew what was going and did not report it should be banned from coaching in TN. There isn't a coach or player on that team that didn't know about the college player at practice. Come on, really? Some stud shows up at practice and nobody ask; who is this guy? Common sense says most if not all coaches on that team knew alcohol was around the school and locker room. Common sense that most if not all coaches knew about the spray painting incident; if not before; then afterwards. Stealing play sheets and play books. Did the other coaches on the team never see them? I'm sorry for the players, especially the seniors; but sometimes in life we pay for the mistakes of others. It ain't right; but that's the way it is.
  13. Congrats to the Bobcats on a fine season so far. Hope you Cats keep it going.
  14. Hope all the good folks from Giles County have a safe trip to Spring Hill.
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