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  1. I think Barney is right on this one. Our county commission has been taken over by a several individuals that live and breathe to beat up and chastise our county school system. I feel for each of these departments every time they must face the commission. The CCs use inflammatory terms and always imply good ole boy deals. A couple can get away with this as their district consists of mostly City residents and they enjoy no accountability for what they challenge and or deny to county students. These are 40-year old facilities that have been neglected over time, not by school maintenance, but ostrich headed county taxpayers and previous commissioners that kicked the proverbial can down the road or did not properly fund and forced selection of band-aid fixes. Future elections must be used to vote these guys out and replace them with candidates that understand education.
  2. No, not this year. We are in the 60 to 65+ range this year. One note is Rankin has always dressed freshman on Friday night. These usually number around 25 to 35. Maybe someone still close to the program can comment on whether or not he has stopped dressing all the freshmen?
  3. One look at our region schedule refutes your comments. Do not throw rocks in a glass house my friend.
  4. I have never “attacked” your coach. I do not have to even if I wanted to. Your fans do a great job of that every year once the WB ship starts listing to port.
  5. I hope this is sarcasm. If not, you have no clue who Derek Hunt is and what is important to him.
  6. I am certainly not a fan of the 3-4 but I trust Nix to know his talent and adjust accordingly. I will not judge any kind of junk jamboree performance as Rankin and staff put nothing in it. I am certain the 3-4 did not employ all the stunts and slant combinations that turn big OL into frozen statues. Whereas a big OL may have its way at first, their effectiveness wanes fast as they quickly wear down and are incapable of matching the speed and uncertainty of stunt packages. And let’s face it, most huge high school OLs have a couple of hogs that are not in great shape compounding the issue further. Have faith in General Nix! Go Naders!
  7. Do not forget the limited edition t-shirts, bumper stickers, wall art, and screen savers.......
  8. It is where you park your boat, right? I have mine down at Tellico Harbor doxx.
  9. Alcoa dominated in all phases. Impressed with freshman #79. Great mobility, excellent feet, and great finisher. He will be starting full time very soon.
  10. I coached the offensive line for Coach Young youth league teams since 1991. He is a man that would never attack WB from behind a computer keyboard as he loves the place to much to do such a thing. The man I know will stand up and tell you man to man what his issues are. He is an excellent coach and should have gotten a shot as WB head coach.
  11. 2009 and 2010 are the best. All others trail these two years. Of course, I am heavily biased!
  12. Excellent performance! Who needs to throw the ball when you are ripping off runs of 5, 8, and 10 yards. Considering last night’s weather and wind, it was imperative they stepped up. Very proud of our OL.
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