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  1. I coached the offensive line for Coach Young youth league teams since 1991. He is a man that would never attack WB from behind a computer keyboard as he loves the place to much to do such a thing. The man I know will stand up and tell you man to man what his issues are. He is an excellent coach and should have gotten a shot as WB head coach.
  2. 2009 and 2010 are the best. All others trail these two years. Of course, I am heavily biased!
  3. Excellent performance! Who needs to throw the ball when you are ripping off runs of 5, 8, and 10 yards. Considering last night’s weather and wind, it was imperative they stepped up. Very proud of our OL.
  4. Congrats to the Chargers! Outstanding football team with tremendous athletes!
  5. Press and attention for a OL is a two-edged sword. It is wonderful when earned; but can come back to haunt you when you misstep. I have experienced this pain as well as all of my sons in their careers. A perfect example was the press given to the Catlick OL when they posted on Twitter that they were the best high school OL in the state. Then proceeded to fall flat on their faces the next few games. I strongly feel they should be praised and celebrated when they consistently perform well. However, as soon as that occurs, every player must know the target is now on their back and any shortfall will pointed out in brutal fashion. This is a very good OL. They have encountered much better DEs, DL and LBs. This last game is a wake up call to pour on the steam. If they do so, they will dominate Saturday and be remembered as a great OL. Hammer, your support has been critical to the mental development of this unit. I applaud your tremendous efforts and dedication to these young men.
  6. Good luck! Bring the Gold Ball back to East TN Devils!
  7. The mark of a championship team is the ability to 1) not allow the game to progress to a point where marginal refs can impact your game to the point of loss, and 2) the composure to recover, play through, and wins games with questionable calls. Each of those championship flags flying at Alcoa’s field were not earned in a utopian season. They were earned by overcoming loss, bad calls, bad fields, and maintaining focus on on the objective. Upperman will have multiple championship flags flying when they learn this lesson.
  8. Not to mention the recovery of an onside kick would have somehow magically won the game. It takes a whole lot of effort to score on Alcoa and there is no guarantee they would have scored to even tie the game.
  9. Agree 100% BC. However, IMO our OL is not playing it’s best football right now. This issue started with the AE games late this season. Last night was another marginal performance. Excessive penetration and failure to maintain contact/blocks presented our backs with some unworkable situations. Speaking of backs, where was #2 in the first half? Of course, you have to give great rspect to the defensive scheme and the aggressiveness of Upperman’s D-Line and LB corps. They executed very well And gave our boys all they wanted. Bottom line: all good things begin and end with the quality of play from the front five. Our OL need to trash their early season press clippings, execute a technique refresh, and find the early season success once enjoyed.
  10. Congrats to the Bees for a hard fought and well played game! I hope we get to see you in Alcoa next year.
  11. As you wish. Question: Is it true that Upperman makes comemerative T-Shirts when then win their spring scrimmage game?
  12. Well, this response confirms who I thought you were. I will make my sentences shorter next time. Carry on.
  13. You have consistently taken shots at every Alcoa poster on here and challenged their intelligence. You talk as if you are somehow intellectually superior. You attack and accuse some of us of working at McDonalds. Yet you have no clue who you are talking to. Lastly, it appears you do not understand this board is where good natured, yet pointed, banter occurs. Good move getting off here; you are no match for these goons. Your superior intelligence has been pummeled like a baby seal.
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