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  1. They have a program and already had a coach. This definitely wasn’t something I was looking for. It had more to do with timing than anything else. If the part about the “plan was” is confusing... that had to do with my teaching position. I was hired to teach Emergency Medical Responder and eventually EMT. I just retired from the fire service in July. There was some initial uncertainty if I would still continue to teach at Rockvale. My staff and I are very excited for this awesome opportunity. We are looking forward to getting together with our team and laying out plans for the future. Until then, I hope everyone stays healthy and safe.
  2. Wow. Here I thought we did a pretty good job this year.
  3. For those in and around the mid-state, there is a parent meeting this Wednesday, Blackman high school at 6pm. Come find out what there is to know about the upcoming season... It’s open to everyone. Workouts start March 9th.
  4. Meanwhile on the AAA Individual State Predictions topic....
  5. Life is short, so don't waste any of it carrying around a load of bitterness. It only sours your life, and the world won't pay any attention anyway. – Pat Dye
  6. SAC

    AAA Duals

    I’m your huckleberry!
  7. Great job to these two young ladies. You earned it.
  8. Anyone else find it ironic that someone felt courageous enough to type what they did but not tough enough to leave their name? Mr. Reiniche, on behalf of the wrestling community.. my apologies. Good luck Mason.
  9. Can we get back to possible weekend ranked match ups? I really don’t want to share what I know on the current topic...
  10. *Face palm* Aren’t there enough topics that discuss recruiting?
  11. Im calling Skylar Coffey right now. In dominating fashion...
  12. Nice wins by Boyce overtaking a much bigger set of ranked foes this weekend in the then #3 Dawson and newly ranked #6 Worley. Heavyweight still looks like a one man race though.
  13. How did we segue into private school wrestling on a AAA Rankings are now posted topic? Asking for a friend...
  14. Early bird is this weekend... Any takers? We can put almost a month of squabbling to rest and increase the size of next year’s tournament by two mats.
  15. I think we should let you guys wrestle it out. Winner’s rankings stand. Blackman will host and agrees to split the proceeds. Good LORD knows we need our building back.
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