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  1. You got any upper weight guys, 182-220, going to be there?
  2. Hoosierdad, the truth is absolutely important. Again my question, since you choose to be persistent in responding but not answering is, do we want to be right or do we want to get better.
  3. Its about where people choose to focus their efforts. That was in my post... Don’t put words in my mouth. Let’s get better not bitter.
  4. Right or better... Where do we want to focus our efforts? C’mon guys. I’m sure none of you have ever been wrong before. Let’s get the better train going.
  5. Thanks for the vote of confidence and kind words. I absolutely enjoy the sport. However right now I still just want to coach. In my opinion, this position should be filled by someone who doesn't have to juggle time coaching and overseeing the state organization. The kids deserve it. Maybe one day... good Lord and wife willing.
  6. Doug Mays. He’s almost centrally located in the state. Very important when it comes to a chairperson being accessible. Just retired from coaching and said he would like to stay active in the sport. Also very important in that he doesn’t have a program he’s attached to.
  7. Purple wrestler, introduce yourself... Things will be so much easier to discuss when we're all honest here. By the way, my name is Eric. I'm sure with my screen name and signature line it isn't hard to figure out the rest. Lots of deception is what many would refer to as toxic.
  8. Board of directors, or board of directed? A non-disclosure agreement for kids wrestling... This gets more laughable by the day.
  9. And the AAU Junior Olympic Games are headed to the Southeast... Looks like the off-season just got a little longer for a lot more kids. This is awesome.
  10. Huh, last year it was voted on a wrestler must attend SER... This year “a regional tournament “. Why the change after all the we have to wrestle our regional tournament? Three years, three different sets of rules. Call it what you want but I say it’s bull$h1t.
  11. Just a reminder for those in the mid-State. As an added benefit we are hosting an open workout from 4-5:30. Come get a sweat in before the meeting.
  12. Parent meeting Thursday, March 7 at 6pm. Lane Agri-Park, in the barn located at 315 John R Rice Boulevard. Next year when winter asks... I spent my summer getting better.
  13. The Dan Dennis effect... Boykin with the takedown, gut, gut, gut, gut. Gets another one just to let him know he could. Northwestern is really high on the Davison kid. Nice win. Dudley's no slouch.. but Scottie beats him next time. Boykin put that work in today.
  14. Congrats to Cody. Tip of the hat to his coach at Capstone. Maybe one day Chittum will consider Carver Hawkeye Arena.
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