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  1. Coalfield is a decent team not sure if they'd classify as top 10 material but Harriman should back here in our neck of the woods.
  2. Two very great pitchers you named but you forgot to mention the outstanding sophmore Tyler Dishman from Harriman also.
  3. Yes very true Harriman especially will blast the so called Christian Academy off the field The boys from the wood should too but give or take that will be a good game folks.
  4. that was a good game... harriman had a few costly errors but well played by Franklin
  5. i went down to the warrior classic to watch Harriman and they played them and Harriman probably should've won but Franklin has good pitching.
  6. thanks we try to be!!! i'm hoping to make it down there not sure if i'll have any luck, I sure hope the weather behaves.
  7. I believe a school right down the road from us will be there, Harriman.
  8. Webb, BGA, and Riverdale, also Meigs Co. Rockwood's is alright also
  9. Just got the call from my buddy. Harriman beat Anderson County 6-4. Any details about the game?
  10. I wish all the love to Rockwood, Grace Christian, and Harriman! Harriman doesn't really have a shot if you ask me but Rockwood and Grace sure do! Go get em!
  11. Thats what i'm saying!! Everybody loves a japanese man.
  12. Rockwood is coming off a remarkable district tournament win and now has one of the 1 seeds and facing Sunbright 1st round. My pick Rockwood-70 Subright-53 A blowout!
  13. No sir I wasn't joking. I know my baksetball!!! Its by far my favorite sport especially come tournament time fellows! Great job Tigers!!! And this one is for all of you who doubted Rockwood in this game!! Best of luck to them and Harriman in the Region!
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