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  1. scatback

    8AA Baseball

    Smith beat cannon 5-2. District championship
  2. scatback

    8AA Baseball

    How good are they?
  3. scatback

    8AA Baseball

    Smith vs cannon for championship
  4. If it does go to 4 won't it b after next season?
  5. scatback

    8AA Baseball

    Haven't watched high school baseball much at all. I do know smith lost a load of seniors- runs. Runs have been hard to come by so far. Kids play hard and that's good enough for me right now.
  6. I have seen a bunch of basketball games since the 80s and I can say without question it is got worse every year. The guy over tssaa was on 104.5 The zone I believe last week and it was a plea for people to quit hacking on the referees. I know refereeing is a tough job and I have refereed a bunch of games but I believe, what someone stated, it has gotten worse since the three man has been in effect. I have talked to referees which I think doing a wonderful job but when you put one veteran referee and with two people that are green in a high school game that is what you would expect is the crowd to be vocal because they shouldn't be out there in the first place. Now if they would go back to the two men crew there would be a couple of things that what happened. Tssaa probably would lose money and some of these guys would have to trim down to get their rear up and down the court. They also couldn't blame another referee because it wasnt in his or her area. Referee is a decent-paying job for some not to give effort is really what gets me heated.
  7. It was the most enjoyable game ,girls or boys,I've seen all season. I'll take effort, discipline, and direction. We have had spurts when we don't look bad.
  8. Our girls are improving as we go as far as the boys it's just hard to put your thumb on what's going on right now. There is a lot to say but not worth saying if you know what I mean
  9. They we're received well. We got enough problems than worrying about Coach Sanders and coach Vance. Good win for them
  10. That team from Macon is still got the better players. Note I didn't say team. Yet. If legend don't win it's his own doing.
  11. Just got on here and someonewanted to know about Smith County basketball and what was wrong with the program. We lost 2-1000 pt career scorers. We have very little experience when it comes to play in 8-aa basketball. just my opinion, and my opinion only, we probably have one kid that could start on most teams in the upper division of our district. We lost four young men after the summer so we are trying to figure out what's going on as far as basketball goes with new kids. Those kids that quit weren't going to make or break our team anyway so we're playing seniors , two Juniors and some freshman. It's not hard to figure out we are going to have a couple of lean years down in Carthage. My son plays and sometimes basketball just gets downright ugly. Not faulting no one at all those kids are trying to play hard it's just we are behind the learning curve for a couple of years. And as far as the big three I believe York has the most talent and I'm not saying they'll win but I really like those kids. The coach it seems has them playing good fundamental old school basketball. We have a couple of teams that have smart XXX kids and it seems like the coaches let them be that way. That's why I like york so much. Merry Christmas to everyone
  12. It pains me but:. Macon Upperman York Cannon
  13. I believe the coach is doing fine. no knock on previous coaches but it's sort of a change when you had a coach doing things a certain way through the years and Coach Bibb comes in and tries to change stuff that he's trying to implement. I believe he, Hess, and Tucker work well together. Also, it's got to be a change for him when you go from coaching boys and then you go to coaching girls. as far as red boiling springs go I think they are coached very well and they seem to have our number right now. With that being said I believe if we can control tempo and not let Fleming and Davis get open looks then we'll be fine. What do you think Ice? Let's talk Macon vs Celina. I think Macon by 15 or more if they stay out of foul trouble...
  14. Jmo Pickett prob more talent. I think York. They will miss Agee big time and if Smith gets the ball. Both should b good games. We got RBS tonight
  15. Allyssa just got cleared to have contact from her injury. I want to thank my 8 aa friends and all who have called and kept her in your prayers . It will be a time till she can go hard but it's been a blessing to me and her mom knowing it's just not about a game we love talking about on this site. God bless you all. Let's play.....
  16. Everything would have to go perfect for them to get 4th. . I think the coach will be fine.
  17. Finishing out the seasonI believe Macon is no doubt 1, Baxter or York will be 2 or 3. Smith,DeKalb, or Cannon as 4
  18. I know someone,if she's healthy, can guard all of them. Look Gregory is an awesome player just like Carter, Smith, and Johnson. We ,as parents, ought to enjoy watching these young ladies- athletes play. They are plenty more in our district that can absolutely play. I don't think that the person that was talking about these girls was singling out any just because they play for a certain travel team. I see as much ball and been around it as much as he has
  19. Macon easily #1. They got Carter, Gregory,Shoulders and a very good cast around them. They are thin on the Bench. Coach White does a fine job. Baxter. You got Brooks,Hurst and Shrum plus Maynard and those freshman. Everyone knows Dana can coach. York should with Harli Smith and Hailey Johnson and Hanna Kananser , I got that spelling so wrong. They should but if you watch as much as I do you know there problem #4-8 toss up Livingston has Rodgers and I can't think of the post girls. Some coming back from surgery. Plus they got a heck of a coach. DeKalb Calwell, Ruch I think I spelled it correctly and some good freshman. Like coach Fish Cannon Knox,and #3 sissom. Will miss Scott. Watertown. New coach and had a couple Sr girls not to come out. Allison can play.Watched them couple times. Paige Sevier has them working hard. Smith It could be sad singing for a while. I believe coach Bibb will do a good job. 6 seniors 2 sophomores and two freshmen will see the Lion's Share of playing time. West,Shoulders,Hopper will be counted on To lead team. West, Angel sophomore's. Enoch and vining are freshman andcould be very good. I know this team better than any I guess that's why I wrote so much. LOL Praying for an injury-free season 2 all these young ladies
  20. I don't think it's betrayal by friends.
  21. It doesn't have nothing to do with players coming from a players parents. Internal stuff
  22. I have to agree girls basketball is well and strong in 8 aa. we have Baxter and Macon County they both made the state tournament Baxter of course won . I. think basketball is pretty good here and it is sure fun to watch unless you're on the short end of the stick lol
  23. Pics and somewhat comments on team. Please correct me if I'm wrong with the names. Macon---- not taking a thing from coach McWilliams but I think they have more depth this year and has good size. Carter, Bullington, and rest of gang could make lots of noise. They also have an incoming freshman that's not too bad either. Baxter -- I really see this as a two-man race in the making but when you have Levy and the rest of that bunch, plus coach McWilliams coaching that team they're bound to be pretty good. I heard only nine players on the roster so that could hurt or help them down the line. Cannon and DeKalb. ------they were very young last year and will be very young this year but a years experience is going to help both of those teams. Livingston and York. I have a great deal of respect for Coach riddle and how she gets those girls ready to play. If I'm not mistaken they lost all their starters so it will be an uphill climb this year York has got the Smith girl and she is a game changer and a bunch of those kids played a lot of minutes last year. Smith and Watertown-----I know more about Smith and less about Watertown than any team I put on here .1. My kids play for Smith County and 2.Watertown is coming into our district for the first time. Coach Price will do a good job of getting those kids ready I really like the way he coaches. Coach Moore has his work cut out for him for the fact that you lose five seniors and four starters and very little experience coming back so the first of the year is going to be sad singing and slow walking for the Lady owl's. Good luck to all teams and hope and pray that it's an injury-free season. God bless
  24. Smith co Beasley, Gregory and Hix 2nd team West 3rd team Spivey Honorable Mention Gregory and West all defensive York Soph Smith 1st team Sr Smith 2nd team Hope that helps a little
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