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  1. Step 1 TSSAA.org Step 2 Sport Step 3 Girls Basketball Step 4 2021 Basketball Division 1 State Tournament Guidelines It is the First item listed (BRACKETS)
  2. You evidently cant get on a website and read so i posted what was on the TSSAA website. Dont know how to make any easier for you. I am not going to post step by step directions of how to get to it on their website.
  3. Thats why you have a AD, to keep the coach informed.
  4. Say what you want to about TSSAA but this is a lot better than the kids not playing. I personally think they have handled the covid situation very well.
  5. Heard Wagoner was denied the job at Scotsboro because of his history of not staying at any school more than 2 or 3 years.
  6. That statement has been on the tssaa website for a while.
  7. It says BRACKETS- The brackets, which were drawn prior to the start of the postseason, and the schedule can be found on the TSSAA Championship website.
  8. Info for teams making the state tournament on the TSSAA web site. Stated that there would not be a meeting for a draw like always and that the draw had been already made just waiting to see which teams made the sectionals to post it. The only unfair thing was that it had to be made out so regional teams would not be in the same bracket.
  9. No sir my team plays Saturday with a chance to go.
  10. The atmosphere at the Nest will be rocking Saturday night.
  11. If the coaches would check the TSSAA web site they would know whats going on. All of this was posted for a while.
  12. No don't think so, Huntland hard to beat at the nest.
  13. You called it Fayetteville in an upset. That one surprised me.
  14. Big games tonight, winners will go on.
  15. Its a sweep by some large margins. Huntland could have beat Valor way worse than the 71 to 16 final margin. Monday night Region semi-finals Moore County at Huntland Fayetteville at Eagleville
  16. Someone is going to have to come play the Region 4 A Champs. Has not been easy the last 2 years making that trip and if you have to go to Huntland it is an even longer trip and they play well at home.
  17. I agree with you, could be interesting semi's. Its hard to keep beating the same team. Huntland is going to be home all the way through if 8A sweeps first round. It would be a huge advantage for the Lady Hornets.
  18. Huntland by 24, pretty solid win
  19. I am going with Huntland and Moore County but there could be an upset tonight.
  20. I tried to tell yall earlier in this thread that the tssaa sent out a memo that said sistrict tournaments had to be played to seed teams for region play.
  21. I It is my understanding the tssaa sent out a memo that stated a district tournament had to be played to determine seeds for the region. Check with your AD's or coaches to see if this is correct.
  22. Hope it all works out well. Is the guy who coached them last year still there, thought he did a good job.
  23. No high school coach in Tennessee has ever made $600,000.
  24. Yes sir I understand, they are terrible. The whole city of Huntsville is not a football community. Basketball is king in Huntsville and always will be thanks to Jack Doss.
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