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  1. bigchief

    Who follows Goodwin at DCA?

    Congrats Hunky. Make the Bonnas proud.
  2. bigchief

    Who follows Goodwin at DCA?

  3. bigchief

    Who follows Goodwin at DCA?

    d I think PC is remaining silent out of respect for the decision and those immediately involved in it. Anyone that actually knows him realizes he is an alumni and former board member and very connected to those making this decision. Perhaps he is just putting class ahead of any exchange of witty repartee with you? I realize you thrive on getting people fired up at you under the vale of anonymity, but maybe this time he has taken the high road? Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, which one will you take now? I think I already know what road you travel.
  4. bigchief

    T Perry to DCA

    You just lost all credibility with this one coach. Can't see the forest for the trees.
  5. bigchief

    T Perry to DCA

    I disagree. He schedules weak and can't win big games. His offense was horrendous. Without Aiden Raines making broken plays into big gains they rarely scored this past season. The defense was stellar, but he had nothing to do with that. DCA has their eye on a MUCH bigger prize. One that is used to how the D2 game is played both on and off the field. Will the $ work remains to be seen.
  6. bigchief

    T Perry to DCA

    Principal is retiring. Maybe he is worried that the next one will not be agreeable to him. Maybe he thinks there is more to a D2 A job than there really is. There are a lot of delusional people out there that think coaching football at a D2 school is all they do. That may happen at the big boys, but not D2A.
  7. bigchief


    If every school played where their enrollment put them I bet there would only be 2 divisions and Lipscomb would have a come apart.
  8. It will never happen. None of the AA schools want anything to do with AAA. Yes Knox Webb and CPA should be AAA but they will never do it voluntarily. Just like when the cut off for other sports was set at 451 and both schools came back with a 449 enrollment. Yeah right.
  9. bigchief

    Penny to University of Memphis??????

    A voice of reason
  10. bigchief

    Who follows Goodwin at DCA?

    Who would that be
  11. bigchief

    Penny to University of Memphis??????

    Trainwreck coming to Memphis
  12. bigchief

    Who follows Goodwin at DCA?

    Actually do not have your #. Email me.
  13. bigchief

    AA state tournament

    You lost some there. Pearl was the worst team in the district and Maplewood was 5th. Stratford, East and Whites Creek were all solid.
  14. bigchief

    Who follows Goodwin at DCA?

    Cmon Playerscoach, DCA can't come close to what Ensworth is paying Hunky. You don't really believe that do you? If they could then Dennis should be pissed because he never got near that for sure. I do agree it is the biggest hire in school history. Graduating literally half the team is not a good starting point either. Better do your homework and some DEEP study on a couple of those names mentioned previously.
  15. bigchief

    Penny to University of Memphis??????

    Why not just use the same system MLB does? Straight out of high school or juco since many of them are non-qualifiers legally. OR sign with 4 year school you are locked in for 3 years. Actually a pretty good system. NBA has historically not wanted to spend much of anything on the D league or G League re-brand.