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  1. bigchief

    Upperman vs Red Bank Round 3

    Metzger running over under around and through Red Bank. 50-21
  2. bigchief

    Upperman vs Red Bank Round 3

    Upperman having their way with Red Bank. 43-21 with 5:15 remaining
  3. bigchief

    Upperman vs Red Bank Round 3

    UHS ball to start the 3rd
  4. bigchief

    District 9-AAA

    Unless their entire team is still in football they will not win many. Saw them scrimmage and it was sad. They used to have a really good program.
  5. bigchief

    District 9-AAA

    Going to be a long year at Beech.
  6. bigchief

    Metro Rankings

    So somebody rank the Metro schools now.
  7. bigchief

    Beech @ Hillsboro

    Good luck to the Burros.
  8. bigchief

    Old CoachT Posters. Where are they now?

    TC Stinger did indeed pass away. Great guy. Where is Slim Shady?
  9. bigchief

    Riverside at Lewis County - Round 2

    Keep it rolling Frostie.
  10. bigchief

    Metro Rankings

    If the fire your coach, who are they going to get to work over there nununu? How many coaches have yall had the last 6-7 years anyway? Nobody wants to go to LA now.
  11. bigchief

    Round 1: Cheatham County vs Pearl Cohn

    LEAD Academy charter school co-ops with East Nashville for most sports except basketball. Each school can only enter a co-op agreement with one school.
  12. bigchief

    Three classes in Division II

    agree completely. Eliminate the participation trophy
  13. bigchief

    Three classes in Division II

    No idea what that is supposed to mean. The school I am referring to is currently 2-18 since they went D2
  14. bigchief

    Three classes in Division II

    There really should be 2 divisions with a cutoff around 375. A certain school, however, knew they could not compete with the top schools and rigged it for 3 divisions. Problem is, they still can't compete in AA
  15. bigchief

    Metro Rankings

    They were at every single East Nashville middle school game last year. Not surprisingly, they have 3 freshmen this year from East. I can't blame them. Those were the only school reps I saw at their games.