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  1. What happened at Hunters Lane? He seemed to have brought a little hope there
  2. One started for Arlington, one "moved" to Bowling Green, and one to Atlanta
  3. It was bad all the way around. Just call the game. Don’t swallow your whistle. The rugby scrum that GCS ended up with the ball was bad
  4. There is no way these three they have calling the CPA Goodpasture game should be anywhere near a game of this magnitude. Just call the game as it happens. Not the time to eat your whistle.
  5. Absolutely serious unfortunately
  6. 2003-AA runner up 2011 AA runner up 2012 AA state champ 2013,2014,2015,2016. -A state champs 2020 D2 A State champs 2005-AA 2010-AA, 2017-D2A 2019-D2A 3rd place
  7. Championship game Goodpasture vs. Notre Dame Goodpasture wins first set 25-14 Notre Dame wins 2nd 25-18 Goodpasture wins 3rd 25-20
  8. Goodpasture completes the comeback 15-10. Will play in the championship for the 7th time in the last 10 years in 3 different classifications
  9. Goodpasture wins 4th set 25-16. 5th set will decide it.
  10. Goodpasture wins 3rd set 25-19
  11. King’s Academy wins 1st set 25-23
  12. T’d Notre Dame wins 3rd set 25-21 The three teams left are all pretty evenly matched.
  13. Notre Dame wins 2nd set 25-23 again
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