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  1. bigchief


    Only way a new school opening will affect numbers is if it is already opened. Future opening does not have any bearing on numbers used for classification. They can appeal their enrollment once it is actually in place but not until then. May leave them in a lurch for a year.
  2. bigchief

    Metro Rankings

    I don't have a dog in the hunt, and to be honest I really don't care, but the story I am getting from inside the building is completely different than this one. No kids were involved in the story I got. Just two hard headed people that want things their way. One has more power than the other. Who really knows what the reason is?
  3. bigchief

    Davidson Academy @ Waverly

    If Waverly can offset the pure size of DA they have a chance. Have to quick hit them. You will not grind it out.
  4. bigchief

    Cannon co. @ Moore co.

    Good to see Woodbury playing better but Upperman is too much for them.
  5. bigchief

    Metro Rankings

    No forfeits. Lost spring practice because an older guy came in and practiced against the guys to simulate Fridge running the ball for Hillsboro. It worked though cause we beat them. First time in quite awhile. Probably the last time they beat them also.
  6. bigchief

    Time to move Alcoa to 6A

    SURELY that was just a coincidence Boog. LOL
  7. bigchief

    Goodpasture (1-2) at Friendship Christian (2-1)

    FCS was up 28-14 at half. Goodpasture dominated them the entire 2nd half in all phases. Good win for the Cougars. The pick 6 late sealed the deal
  8. bigchief

    Metro Rankings

    Actually we were 12-1. Lost to White House in the quarters. Fall of 2004, It was Link's next to last year. Talked to him yesterday, We were 9-2 in fall of 2003
  9. bigchief

    Time to move Alcoa to 6A

    It is a non-topic. Purely conjecture. Does that make you feel better?
  10. bigchief

    Time to move Alcoa to 6A

    No thanks. I saw the movie and didn't like the ending.
  11. bigchief

    Time to move Alcoa to 6A

    If there is one thing nobody can question it is that Pearl Cohn will play anybody. They ain't scared.
  12. bigchief

    Time to move Alcoa to 6A

    PC has about 650 last I heard. CPA came in at 449 . The cut off for all sports except football is 451. On a similar note, Knox Webb also came in miraculously at 449
  13. bigchief

    Time to move Alcoa to 6A

    Lausanne could hang with the D2AAA and yall can hang with half of them. Why not make the jump? we both know the reason D2 AA even exists.
  14. bigchief

    Time to move Alcoa to 6A

    The same reason you guys came in with a 449 enrollment to avoid the big boys in D2, Pot meet kettle.
  15. bigchief

    Waynesboro vs riverside

    Congrats to Coach Frost and the Panthers.