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  1. As of tonight, I am officially retiring from the CoachT message boards. I will no longer be supporting TSSAA athletics in any capacity. I’m out! All the best to each of you and God Bless.
  2. He’s got a screw loose I’m afraid. Not all there! And/or the most annoying troll ever! Certainly knows nothing about Tennessee high school football. Zero.
  3. Once King’s wins the three-way tiebreaker for 2nd due to overall wins, it then reverts back to head to head for the 3rd seed. MTCS defeated FCS so it gets 3rd and FCS gets 4th.
  4. “The superintendent and I believe the principal”. That was what I said. It had zero to do with me. I was simply relaying the story I read in the paper. I am not an authority...just a passionate Tennessee high school football fan with strong opinions and I enjoy researching/keeping tabs what all is going on in the game.
  5. I had hoped that they would do that before the season to build in extra weeks before the playoffs to get games played. They made their decision to keep it as is and I can’t say it surprised me. They are a very status quo organization that does not like to adjust or change much of anything. Not a lot of vision or forward thinking unfortunately.
  6. It seems the answer is no. They will just remove the teams that are not playing from their spot. Everyone else will remain in their spot. If you don’t have an opponent, you get a bye. I don’t necessarily agree with it because I think they should try to allow everyone possible to play a game in Round 1 (especially this wild and crazy year!) and giving random byes is unfair and silly.
  7. I have no knowledge of either. The Coaches shouldn’t get suspended. Schools may or may not be fined. Unsure.
  8. 1 game in 6 weeks if they don’t get a game this week. Would Summit and Spring Hill possibly play again? Maybe Friday or even Saturday??
  9. That is correct! I knew that and definitely botched it! If FC pulls the upset, they will be 3rd and Page 4th, assuming Columbia doesn’t win.
  10. Yeah that was announced earlier in the week. Lincoln County was sniped by contact tracing. Their season is over. If Franklin County pulls the massive upset over Page, they get the 4 seed. Otherwise, Columbia gets the 4 seed and gets the great reward of traveling to Beech for a beat down next week.
  11. That’s a big negative. I just simply read the article in the DNJ. It spells everything out perfectly.
  12. Incorrect. The superintendent and I believe the principal have already explained that the football team will not be effected. Teams that have virtual classes are allowed to play all over the state. They stated the shutdown at Oakland High School is due to a big shortage in substitute teachers.
  13. They are way better than Spring Hill but obviously so is Mt. Juliet. That game ended early in the 4th due to a serious injury. Probably would have been 42-0. I don’t disagree that WC can be very competitive, but winning on the road there in the playoffs will be a tough deal.
  14. That was a first half score due to weather I believe. I can promise you one thing...WC is not a way better team than them. Not by a long shot. At best, it will be a competitive game. At best. But winning at either place will be very difficult. Both have strong traditional programs and are annual playoff teams that usually advance. Major league challenge to say the least.
  15. You think they will beat Hendersonville or Mount Juliet on the road? Huge uphill climb there!
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