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  1. How can your opinion and speculation be listed as facts?? It cannot be a fact if it hasn’t happened yet!! Dumb comment. I expect a good game...Henry County 28, Beech 14 is my prediction (#NotAFact)
  2. Curious after last week’s absolute disaster...how was the PA announcer? Wonder if it was the same guy?
  3. Not a surprise unfortunately! Frontrunners! Hillsboro can turn into Thug City at times! Again, sad but true...just not much discipline in that program. With that amount of size and athletic ability, one can only imagine how good they could actually be with good coaching and/or discipline. It’s very sad.
  4. Congrats to Beech! Huge win. Still think they were the underdog and pulled off the upset with the comeback win. After losing in the season to Hillsboro and just with their talent level in general, Beech was the definite underdog hands down! However, I’m glad they won. Hillsboro is cocky, not well coached at all, and had one of the worst PA announcers in high school football history last week! Hopefully, that changed tonight after the TSSAA got involved. Congrats to Beech....tough one next week at red hot powerhouse Henry County!!
  5. Much respect to Beech and Coach Crabtree, but Hillsboro is just too big, strong, and fast!! Barring a disastrous turnover-filled game, Hillsboro should win fairly easily. I’ll go with 34-14. Hopefully, they’ll have a professional, knowledgeable, tactful, and organized PA announcer this week! Last week was an embarrassment to the school, it’s respected football program, and Metro Schools in general. Complete failure and utter embarrassment.
  6. Yes it is....Greeneville is a machine!!! I think they easily take care of Anderson County, and likely roll again to another 4A State Championship. By the way, it’s Greeneville with an “e”. Just for future reference. #TennesseeGeography
  7. Bobo Hodges and Maplewood will be too tough! Expect another low-scoring defensive battle though. I’ll go with a 20-10 Maplewood win. Whoever wins will get crushed by Greeneville in the semifinals!
  8. Is this a joke? The winner of this game will be the favorite next week regardless! These are the two most talented teams in the quad hands down. A ‘hard time making it past the third round’?? Odd statement.
  9. Has to be for personal consumption!! This is going to be a fantastic game with two fairly even teams. Spare me the nonsense/idiotic/irrational comments! If you can’t make an intelligent, meaningful comment, please don’t waste our time. The End.
  10. Just an FYI for everyone: the game has been officially moved from Hillwood to Overton. Good for everyone involved with much better field conditions and stadium accommodations! Thoughts on the game? Should be a bigtime matchup with athletes all over the field!!!
  11. Close game! Page may be a little too overconfident coming in. Hillwood has zero to lose, while it would be a complete disaster if Page lost in the 1st Round. Prediction: Page 38, Hillwood 30
  12. Thank you for the info!! My guesses were Vandy, TSU, or Hillwood, so that makes sense!
  13. You’re just guessing all-around it sounds like? Vandy has an open week next week and is at Missouri November 10th. Of course, a Friday night playoff would not necessarily conflict at all with a Saturday game anyway. I think they played Hunters Lane at TSU last night....seems like many options on the table, but they need to announce their plans and make it very clear ASAP.
  14. Any idea what Hillsboro's plans are for their upcoming playoff home game(s)?? Vandy? TSU? Another local metro school?
  15. Who said Cascade wants to move?? Not me! I have no idea what Cascade wants and don’t really care. I would think it natural that they be placed with Community (a fellow Bedford County school) and Forrest, longtime rivals. Obviously, that’s a TSSAA call and it won’t matter anyway if Eagleville stays in 2A. I could not care less about Trousdale County or their scheduling issues. Cry me a river! A powerhouse program complaining about scheduling is laughable! I can promise nobody cares about such an insignificant whining complaint.
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