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  1. Dang nice picture (shows what kinda guy you are and also your sexual pref. just kidding) anyways mas1821 you were totally right Giles Co. owned BA I just can't believe they beat them by 16 your a genius. It's like you posted after the game or something. Tyler Smith owned Brandon Wright all night!
  2. I played with Walter Fisher though these things maybe true (i dunno know) what I can tell you is that he is a fierce competitor like the tight end of Miami I can imagine himself calling him a soldier. He loves his team and his teammate and wanted nothing more then to win this game for them and ecspecially for Calvin Bryant. Though you may have got a bad impression of him he is very deserving of the Mr. Football title and off the field a humble guy believe it or not!!!! I have witnessed it but once he gets out on the field he turns it on and wont be stopped. This fierceness is needed if you wont to make it to the next levels. But I cant say taunting is.... I'm sorry if he offended you but I have seen countless players taunt. You must note he is not the only one. I have seen the players on the sideline and even coaches taunt their opposing team. To conclude I would like to say that the alleged hit or throw punch was in no way a good thing but all goes back to fierocity on the field. Agree or Disagree this is my view!
  3. Townsend will be easily replaced by sophmore PHENOM Tyree Ford??? That is somewhat doubtfull. Theo will be greatly missed and remember ppl. were calling him a phenom out of 8th grade. He played alot as a 9th grader and had lots of expierence going in to his first year starting. Theo was very fast and extremely strong not only for his size but for a running back in general. Holbert will obviously be missed as well as H Pizzal Hunter Palmer The D-Line is set with all returning. The o-line can recover but they will need the likes of Huie and Hogan and Johnson to step-up. BA will regroup but it will not be easy.

    BA-MBA Updates

    I only have one more thing to say football is a team sport, and refs are a part. You cannot blame anyone play on anyone person. Ex. *They wouldn't have missed the fg if they had scored a td. *They wouldn't have gone to overtime if it werent for the refs (i dont agree) *They wouldn't have been so close to the goal to kick a fg (BA) to send it to OT if it weren't for a bad snap on the punt. *They wouldn't have had to punt if they had got the 1st down... * They wouldn't have had the ball if it weren't for a INT. As you can see each play is related to the previous play and no one person (or group aka refs) lost the game they just didnt win it for your/their prospective teams....

    BA-MBA Updates

    That could be the biggest BS i have ever seen on this website and frankly there is alot on here. Like people that didnt even see the game passing themselves off behind a screen name as if they have some sort of credibility. Hey to 83% of you I know you are mad about you "Big Ones" selection but I'm sure you can get over it. The point is if BA had won in any fashion MBA supporters/fans would always make some excuse (refs / penalties / etc... I have all kinds of respect for the team not so for the fans ecspecially the ones on this thread. They (most) are showin no class in their post. Athlete maybe.... Scholar maybe... Gentlemen no... *(some not all posters) wildcatfan were you at the game b/c I watched as the ref was watched the clock the whole time. How did I know b/c I was there I could have touched the ref. William Nelson Kain let me compliment you on the exuberant amounts of class you have shown on this website. Stick to baseball announcing!

    BA vs. Lone Oak, KY

    As you can tell high school polls dont meet alot especially pre-season (Ex. Trinity) This game though may not appear to be challenging it will be a new situation to see if BA can handle. MBA played Trinity well big deal it turned out to be a bust Trinity stinks MBA is good... That really improved their schedule by making them look good until the next three weeks that made trinity 0-4. Someone's schedule is always tougher then another it just depends on the POV.

    Blake Fulton

    Blake the Snake!
  8. wow region4fan way to get angry... Sorry yall lost so many players to another school. Both schools fans were unclassy at times with oaklands saying "BAs Garbage" and BA's fans saying "this is our house". I think you have a skewed perception of Brentwood Academy we arent as rich as you believe (though I wish I was). No no one drives Hummers they most expensive car is probably a new chevy truck a kid got... Wow Hummer ($50,000+ for H2 or 23,000 for a Chevy) don't get me wrong that is still 23,000 but thats one kid. BA has some rich kids sure, but so does Oakland. ( I saw a oakland fan driving a hummer after the game no joke it was yellow). As far a 4-star dinners we actually all went to WAFFLE HOUSE (thats maybe a 1/4 star). I do like #85 he is a great friend of mine, we didnt take any offense to the chanting we were laughing and it sorta lightened up the mood. Sorry if you dont like 2DADS . But commenting "isn't he on scholarship" because he is good and african american is a little shakey. Many parents work 2 and 3 jobs to but their kids through BA to give them the oppurtunity BA provides and in a christian enviorment.
  9. BA is playing two out of state games this year.... One verse Lone Oak (a team out of Kentucky) and the other Anna Jonesborro out of Illinois.
  10. Why does BA always travel to Oakland to play??? The past yrs. (scrimmages etc.) it seems BA always travels to Oakland? Does anyone know if this is a 2yr. contract or jus one.... Thanks
  11. BA has many returning starters and those that arent returning are getting filled by back-ups from last year that actually got lots of playing time in about 4-5 games... I cant wait till week 1 to see this one unfold!
  12. BABILL

    Division II - AAA

    No, I'm not 6'5 300... Unfortunatly
  13. BABILL


    How big is Smitty from Oakland and what position does he play?
  14. BABILL

    Division II - AAA

    Don't want to reveal too much... But I will say this line will be pretty good! I guess we will see this season!!! Plus, I dont know if the other players will mind if I put them on here.
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