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  1. As a huge supporter of both the CPA and CAK soccer teams... I am so happy for two programs who never once complained about the teams they had to play.... They just got better, and overcame the 2 headed A/AA monster. Good luck A/AA soccer... With programs like Page and Greeneville around, you're going to need it
  2. Christian Academy of Knoxville MS Football needs a game on August 31st. We are willing to play a home or away game (willing to travel an hour) and can make arrangements for either. Please email me at [email protected] if your team is interested. Thanks
  3. I'm not sure how you can be affiliated with a faith based school and be completely okay with a merciless beating like a 17-0 soccer score. There should NEVER be a score that high, whether be mercy rule or a coach having some class about himself/herself. When a team pulls these kinds of shenanigans, or Hardin Valley last night, it's obvious that either 1) the coach has no control over his players or 2) the coach has ZERO class. This is HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS. I'm the last person you'll ever hear wanting a coach to take it easy on a team of EQUAL CALIBER but there's also something to be said of a team showing mercy on a team who can't defend themselves. Isn't sports supposed to teach us lessons about life? So how about we look at it from the other side? Are you suggesting that you want your children to see someone who can't defend themselves, say the "nerdy kid" getting picked on all the way to homeless man who's begging for change and not show that person mercy... Should our children look at that person and say "oh well, life is tough"? You can come back and tell me that it's not the same but why are sports supposed to teach us lessons about life but only the ones that are convenient? A coach who allows a team to beat down a team who is noticeably inferior should be removed from his position because that man or woman obviously has no intention of teaching our children proper life lessons, which is their true job. I don't know much about Notre Dame but I know Hardin Valley well and I expect more from Coach McLean than this. Absolutely disgusting acts.
  4. Any idea why the McClurgs or Clark aren't playing? Seems like a big loss just for size alone.
  5. Hey! That's my best friend/old roommate on the left there, #90! Wait, a CAK guy and an Alcoa guy being roommates?! 😳😳😳 I love my Warriors, but I cheer for the Tornadoes 13 out of 15 weeks of the season! 🙌
  6. Great game Alcoa faithful! We'll see y'all next year! Prayers sent #1 and #18's way, hate hate hate to see players get injured but I'm a firm believer that God's plans are always better than ours, so I'm sure that He's got something in store for those young men that we can't see.
  7. If you want to meet its not that hard to find me. Just look for the biggest beard on the big Polynesian and thats me, I'm a pretty friendly guy!
  8. AlcoaBasketball, May I ask what your affiliation with Alcoa HS is? You seem to be a new poster but very proud of your alma mater (I'm assuming)? Great insight into the program, I think the state eagerly anticipates what Alcoa decides to do.
  9. It's pretty ridiculous that people continually point to the weaker teams in the area and mention how unfair it is to those teams or how Alcoa is playing beneath themselves by playing where they are classified to play. When you look ACROSS THE STATE with the projected classifications, there doesn't seem to be much difference between 2A and 3A. There's about 5 teams in both that are state title contenders and some of those 2A schools can, and do, routinely beat the 3A schools.
  10. 2 times actually... Harb led team scored 70 and a Charlie High led team scored 76.
  11. Guilty conscience yAxis? Didn't look like anybody challenged that...
  12. I would love to watch Alcoa play Grace
  13. An A/AA soccer team that goes 15-16 deep? This is something I'd like to see! So are you guaranteeing victory for your Lions, Jett?
  14. Fixed. Also, CAK will play in their 18th combined state championship game for boys or girl's soccer since 2001, with 12 of those being victories. We couldn't be more proud of all of our athletic teams at CAK and we'll all be cheering on the Warriors as they try to bring home their 9th title in 12 years.
  15. No disrespect intended, I have seen a lot of A-AA soccer tournaments over the last 11 years, and there very clearly seems to be a hierarchy of teams. Upstarts generally take a tournament or two to really break through, but from what you said, it sounds like Signal Mountain is up for the challenge. Good luck to all the teams in this year's tournament. This is my favorite time of year, and can't wait to see who wins it all
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